The Meg 2


Underwater expedition, whose participants pursued their goals, ended after one of the sea creatures tried to attack the underwater ship.

When will the movie “The Meg 2” come out?

Official sources report that the exact release date will be known only after the end of the first part. Making an approximate calculation, we can say that the continuation of the thriller “The Meg” will be released in late 2020. The bet on famous actors has long been a popular technique for creators of film masterpieces to attract the attention of the viewer.


A former pilot of deep-sea vehicles, and now a professor at the University of Palaeontology John Stylor, a few years ago he was a hair from death. One of the expeditions with his participation ended tragically – the sea monster claimed the lives of all his comrades.

Megalodon, in the existence of which no one believed for a long time, ripped off the entire expedition. John could not believe his eyes at first. No wonder, because of the age of the sea monster is much older than dinosaurs. The man could hardly recover from the death of close people: now he lectures and writes about megalodone.

Shot from the movie

The next expedition, which they decided to send to the depths of the sea, did not expect to encounter troubles. However, one of the inhabitants of the sea depths attacked the ship.

Now John has to save the lives of not only his team, but also those holidaymakers who were at the moment on the nearest beaches. Will the second expedition with Stiylor be saved from imminent death? And who will fall victim to a terrible monster?

Actors and their roles

  • John Stylor – Jason Statham. He is one of the ten most popular actors in Hollywood. The main character of the series of films “Adrenaline”. For filming prefers militants. The role of a paleontologist is considered one of the most extraordinary in his filmography.
  • Xuin Zhang – Li Bingbing. Chinese, began her career in 1999. She starred in the films “Dragon’s Druze,” “Resident Evil: Retribution – Ada Wong,” “Transformers: The Epoch of Extermination.”
  • Jackson Hurd – Ruby Rose. Model, DJ, singer, TV presenter and actress. He has many awards for various achievements – from modeling to career and ending with acting talent. She starred in the movie “Three X’s: World Domination,” along with Vin Diesel.

Interesting Facts

  1. The entire filming process took place in New Zealand and in China. Initially, a completely different territory was planned, but the weather conditions did not allow to start shooting in the conceived place.
  2. The film is based on the book “Megalodon.” It was the very first book that Steve Alten published. The genre of the story is science fiction.
  3. Ruby Rose almost drowned on the set. It turned out that the girl is very bad swims. After this incident, there was always a colleague near her. So she felt safer.
  4. After reading the script, Jason Steite agreed to the lead role immediately. It turned out that quite recently the actor read the book “Megalodon”.
  5. Thanks to an excellent sports form, Jason Steytem was able to perform all the tricks without the help of a stuntman. Until now, the man surprises the public with his innumerable talents.
  6. Ruby Rose was the last in the team, because initially her role was planned to take another, lesser-known actress.

The Meg 2 release date

NameRelease date
The Meg 2 late 2020

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