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For over 15 years, UBA has been the premier TV channel when it comes to news. The permanent TV hosts of “The Morning Show” Alex Levy and Mitch Kessler are known throughout America. But one day unpleasant details of Mitch’s personal life are revealed. Alex has to turn his back on his friend and take part in the persecution. And then it only gets worse…

“The Morning Show ss 3”: release date, announcement

The first 2 seasons of the dramatic TV show “The Morning Show” became the nominees for a huge number of awards and competitions, and the creators of the picture have several worthy victories in their hands. So is it worth stopping there?

Despite the fact that in January 2022 the creators of the project officially announced the renewal of “The Morning Show” for the season 3, production of new episodes did not begin until mid-August 2022. Therefore, before the autumn of 2023, the premiere of the new season should not be expected.

p.s. Officially: the premiere of the season 3 of the TV series “The Morning Show” will take place on September 13, 2023!


The entire UBA staff knew that Mitch would not pass by any beauty. This did not surprise anyone, especially since no one had ever stated that they had been molested. So everyone would turn a blind eye to what was happening if one of the employees who had problems with nerves after contacting Mitch did not talk about his harassment during a working trip to the next reportage.

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Overnight, the public’s favorite became an outcast. His colleague Alex was forced to pretend that nothing was happening. Publicly declaring that she was unaware of Mitch’s connections with the alleged victims, Alex tried to deflect suspicion from herself. But many knew what she was going through – Mitch was her best friend, and her own career after the incident began to decline.

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A reporter from the street is hired to replace Mitch. The scandalous journalist Bradley, who does not know how to keep her mouth shut, becomes the new star of the channel. Alex is shocked that the new girl is so popular. In a short time, Bradley has earned a higher rating than Alex in 15 years.


Frame from the TV showTrying to somehow save the situation, Alex starts her own game. Meanwhile, the channel’s deputy chief, Cory Ellison, is making a strategic move that could completely change UBA policy. Under his leadership, the same insane Bradley appeared, telling live about her abortions performed in adolescence.

Alex learns from Mitch that they also want to replace her, giving Bradley another colleague. At first, the woman does not attach importance to his words, but over time she realizes that everything leads to this. Her plan comes into play, but not quite the results she dreamed of. Glory Alex is behind – she needs to admit it, and then most of the problems will be solved in the blink of an eye.

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But it is not so easy to lose popularity, especially when there is a person nearby whom it is difficult to call worthy. Alex will have little choice: accept the new rules or leave at the end of her career. She chooses to leave, but circumstances again play against her…

Actors and their roles

  • Alex Levy – careerist; gets up in the middle of the night to look perfect on set; with manic pedantry follows the appearance; does not allow herself to rest, get sick, skip a workout, eat a piece of cake; with all his might he is looking for ways that can dispose the viewer to her; sacrifices family for a career – Jennifer Aniston.
  • Mitch Kessler – Alex’s best friend and former colleague; lost his livelihood; was accused of harassment by several women; his wife left him alone; tries to negotiate with journalists about an interview in which he himself will tell about the connection with the mentioned victims; never actually forced women to sleep with him – Steve Carell.
  • Bradley – uses profanity, which is why she was not taken on TV; fiercely defends human rights, which is why she became famous – Reese Witherspoon.
  • Cory Ellison – wants to take the place of the channel director; wants to see Bradley on “The Morning Show” and invites her to work when he stumbles upon her epic internet scandal; does not reveal his plans to anyone – Billy Crudup.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In Season 1, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston each received $ 1.250 million. For participation in the season 2, both received $ 2 million. The women have known each other for decades and have repeatedly starred together in other projects.
  2. To make Season 2 relevant, the creators had to rewrite the script, insert events from real life – coronavirus, persecution of blacks… Even Trump’s famous call to Zelensky, after which Ukraine impeached the American president – all this is told from the point of view of the Americans.
  3. Filming for season 1 began at the end of October 2018. The film crew worked in Los Angeles and New York. Production for Season 2 began at the end of February 2020 and was discontinued due to the coronavirus pandemic. That is why the break between the premieres of 2 seasons was almost 2 years. The main filming of Season 2 also took place in Los Angeles.

The Morning Show Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1September 13, 2023
3x02Series 2September 13, 2023
3x03Series 3September 20, 2023
3x04Series 4September 27, 2023
3x05Series 5October 4, 2023
3x06Series 6October 11, 2023
3x07Series 7October 18, 2023
3x08Series 8October 25, 2023

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon reunite for ‘The Morning Show’ l GMA

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