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A certain Mr. Benedict selects only the best children for his gymnasium. Under the guise of entrance exams, he arranges a large-scale competition. Four children will be chosen to accomplish a great work that will benefit the people of the whole world. Adults are unable to complete an important task, so Mr. Benedict, using riddles and puzzles, entrusts it to children…

“The Mysterious Benedict Society ss 3”: release date, announcement

Undoubtedly, the sequel to the adventure TV show “The Mysterious Benedict Society” is yet to come. At best, this will happen in the fall of 2023. Writer Trenton Lee Stewart set the stage for the script for several seasons to come, and the ratings give the film’s producers the opportunity to recoup the filming process and make a good profit. It remains only to wait for the official announcement of the season 3 from the creators of the TV series.


An orphanage is not the best place for a child. Reynie does not remember his parents, and he spent his entire adult life here. The fear of being beaten by other guys haunted him constantly — he never interfered in other people’s problems. The psychologist Mrs. Perumal helped him overcome his shyness. Reynie had warm feelings only for her, and she believed that the boy had a great future and he simply had to enter Mr. Benedict’s gymnasium.

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The boy doubts himself, but still goes to take the entrance exams. At the first stage, only him is chosen from a whole class of children. Surprised, Reynie moves on to the next tour and meets George, whom everyone calls Sticky. The memory of a new acquaintance is brilliant, because he remembers everything to the smallest detail. Both boys are happy, but too naive to understand how lucky they are.

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The girl Kate becomes their companion. She does not remember her mother at all, and her father left her as soon as the baby was 3 years old. Kate’s constant companion is a small bucket in which all the necessary things appear, for example, lock picks or a long rope. Unshakable self-confidence gives her the opportunity to be attentive to others and their problems.

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At one stage of the exams, Reynie and Sticky fail to make it on time, and Kate decides not to proceed without them. She stays by their side until she manages to help her friends through the ordeal. And finally, the trio met Mr. Benedict! And he introduced them to the fourth child — Constance. An unpleasant girl who managed to bypass all obstacles by deceptive means.

This is where it becomes clear that there is no gymnasium. The children are selected to help Mr. Benedict complete the task. Only a child can complete it, and at the end of the 1st season, the truth emerges: the main villain is Benedict’s twin brother. Temporarily, the guys managed to influence his plans, but already at the beginning of the season 2, Mr. Benedict disappears in a strange city.

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The children decide to help him, but their guardians are against it. Safety is not guaranteed, which means the adventure can turn into a disaster. Deciding that it is possible to act around the events, the children nevertheless embark on a journey through the cities, where Mr. Benedict still managed to leave them clues. And if the season 2 also acquired a successful ending, this does not mean that the children will complete the task of the season 3 with the same ease…

Actors and their roles

  • Reynie — spent most of his time in the library, where he received information for entrance exams to an elite gymnasium; became part of the amazing four and now regularly participates in exciting adventures; after the events of the season 1, he was worried that Sticky did not write to him and did not answer — Mystic Inscho.
  • Constance — a little liar, ready to get her way with deceit, cunning, manipulation and tricks; does not admit how much she is attached to friends; always behaves rudely, swears and is not embarrassed by others; constantly throws up dubious ideas, but they help friends achieve their goals — Marta Kessler.
  • George / Sticky — for a long time worried about the fact that he had no friends and was glad of the opportunity to unite with his peers in order to achieve a great goal; highly appreciates friendship and will never betray his comrades — Seth Carr.
  • Kate — kind, smart, resourceful; easily finds a way out of difficult situations; after the events of the season 1, she found a family for herself and a home in which she is always welcome; was happy to embark on an adventure again, even without the consent of adults — Emmy DeOliveira.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Few people know that the charming character Constance is played by Russian actress Marta Timofeeva. In the English version, her name is Marta Kessler.
  2. At the time of filming season 2, Emmy DeOliveira was 15, Seth Carr was 14, Marta Kessler was 12, and Mystic Inscho was 11.
  3. Before the release of the season 1, it became known that even before the start of work in the project “The Mysterious Benedict Society” Mystic Inscho was a huge fan of the books of the writer Trenton Lee Stewart.
  4. Filming of the season 1 took place in Gastown, Vancouver, Canada, for the creation of the season 2 the film crew moved to California, USA.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 12023
3x02Series 22023
3x03Series 32023
3x04Series 42023
3x05Series 52023
3x06Series 62023
3x07Series 72023
3x08Series 82023

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