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Amalia True became one of the women whose abilities awakened 3 years ago. Thanks to her tough disposition, she managed to do what she loved, but at what cost? Producer Joss Whedon introduces viewers to Victorian London, where dirt and poverty are an integral part of people’s lives.

“The Nevers ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the fascinating fantasy show “The Nevers” has not been officially announced at the moment, but the chances of seeing the continuation of the project are actively discussed on the Internet. They are really high. Therefore, if the season 2 comes out, it will take place no earlier than 2023.
As a reminder, Season 1 was released in 2 parts, 6 episodes each. Will the director split the second season?


Amalia True lost her husband a few years ago. Psychologically broken, the woman decides to commit suicide and chooses to drown in the river for this. But at the last moment, a strange force pulls her up. Soon Mrs. True found out about her strange ability, which helped her find a new purpose in life.

On the same day, several hundred Britons also became endowed with superpowers. Unlike other people, they saw a strange flying object in the sky, after which everyone’s life changed. Basically, women received fantastic strength. Their power was enormous, and men from the elite strata of the population decided to gain power over the Touched.

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But Amalia had other plans. The woman gathered everyone whose strengths somehow differed from human ones. Among her wards there was a giant girl, and one who spoke all the languages ​​of the world, and one who could lift objects with the power of thought. Amalia herself could foresee the immediate future, but it was not always possible to concentrate.

Frame from the TV show

Sparing no time and effort, she fights for a normal attitude towards the same as herself. The Touched often find themselves persecuted by society and take the dark side. Once a group of people appeared in the city, luring people to their side. This did not bode well, and Mrs. True again began to do her job – to save those who needed it.

While the aristocrats dreamed of overthrowing Amalia and her students, the woman herself was engaged in more important matters. Recently, local police officer Frank Mundi was on the trail of an assassin who was on the hunt for such women. This circumstance can change the opinion of Amalia and the aristocrats about each other, because someone from their circles became the killer…

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The incredible adventure lasted the entire first season and will continue in the second one. While Amalia tries to cope with anger and alcohol addiction, her friend Penance Adair is looking for new ways to her favorite business – the invention of the miracles of technology. Soon her attempts will grow into something more and glorify the young lady!

Actors and their roles

  • Amalia True – a young widow with acquired fantastic abilities; sees the tragedy a minute before the events take place; drinks a lot and fights with men; is the head of the shelter where the Touched live – Laura Donnelly.
  • Hugo Swann – one of the aristocrats who supports Amalia’s ideas and wishes her success, while seeing his own benefit; recently buried his father, whom he still thinks about only in a negative way; devotes a lot of time to amorous pleasures – James Norton.
  • Penance Adair – goes on the most difficult tasks with Amalia; knows how to create mechanical inventions; while there are only 8 machines in the world, one of them was invented by Penance; the girl is smart, owns fighting techniques, but more often she tries to use her technical tricks – Ann Skelly.
  • Frank Mundi – a detective whose love of beating suspects is legendary; he is not averse to drinking, fighting, while his moral qualities are highly developed and he respected Mrs. True, even when he came to her with a search; dreams of finding the Touched’s killer – Ben Chaplin.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Several streaming services, including Netflix, have competed for the right to air the TV series “The Nevers”. Joss Whedon, as a screenwriter, director, executive producer and showrunner of the project, gave the preference to HBO, which showed him the greatest understanding and respect, as a person, a professional in his field.
  2. Laura Donnelly insisted that she not be given a stuntman, but in the middle of Season 1 she still needed it. The woman injured her knee while filming the scene of the fall from the window. In order not to stop filming, she had to use the services of professionals. But after her recovery, Laura still worked on her own.
  3. When the Season 1 trailer came out, Laura Donnelly insisted that her name be in the credits. After the release of the hit TV show “Jessica Jones” starring Krysten Ritter, women began to be confused. And even after season 1, distrustful viewers had questions about who actually starred in the series.

The Nevers Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12023
2x02Series 22023
2x03Series 32023
2x04Series 42023
2x05Series 52023
2x06Series 62023

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