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A whaling ship sails from home to Antarctica. The best hunters gather on it, but there are also those who decided to hide here from reprisals. Among the passengers on the crew are Patrick Sumner and Henry Drax, who had never known each other before. Soon they recognize not only each other, but also the dark secrets that they carry with them. And only one is destined to see land again…

“The North Water ss 2”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the dramatic “The North Water” has yet to be announced. Season 1 was rated 7.9 on IMDb, the world’s largest internet cinema database, but the TV show’s creator, Andrew Haigh, is currently working on another project.


Captain Brownlee selected people for the next voyage. And when everything was already ready, he set off with them on a journey through the northern waters. In his head were large-scale plans related not only to whaling. Brownlee was engrossed in another business, which brought him much more profit, but had to be kept secret from the rest as it was illegal.

One of his subordinates on the ship was former military doctor Patrick Sumner, whose presence raised dozens of questions among sailors. And while Sumner replenished the captain’s pharmacy stocks, focusing on those necessary for himself, the men behind him whispered and wondered. After all, Patrick’s place was in more elite ranks than here, among drunks and brawlers.

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In fact, an old mistake prevented Patrick from staying on land. He had to flee in order not to get under investigation, and then to prison. Almost every day, the poor man saw the ghost of a murdered African boy, but who is he? Why is Sumner so afraid and why is he hiding away from officials and justice?

Frame from the TV show

Henry Drax also went to try his luck and make money on the ship headed by Brownlee. It was a great luck for Drax to be here, because he was so drunk and impoverished that he forgot about the elementary standards of decency. The day before the voyage, he cut the throat of an offender who did not want to buy him a drink in the alley. Does Henry feel guilty for the death of a man? It’s not about him.

But the harpooner from it is excellent. Enjoying a drink in the ship’s cabin, he gets the job done with enthusiasm. The drunkard goes out on the ice to kill a couple of seals. Butchering an animal is not difficult for him, but everything changes when life brings him to a former doctor. Having caught him in a lie, Henry, along with another sailor, decides to climb into the cabin and find something of value.

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Soon Drax and Sumner become aware of each other’s secrets, but by this time only one of them should remain on the ship. Who will it be? And how can someone destroy an adult man in front of dozens of sailors just like that?

Actors and their roles

  • Patrick Sumner — a former military doctor who lies to his comrades and hides behind the mask of a fictional person; is engaged in the replenishment of pharmaceutical stocks, and soon becomes the object of gossip of comrades, who are sure that the doctor is hiding something important; sees the ghost of a little boy with a wound on his chest — Jack O’Connell.
  • Henry Drax — experienced harpooner; spent his life on prostitutes and alcohol; in a pub he puts a knife in the hope that he will get a drink for this, but when he does not get what he wants, he makes a scandal; asks others to buy him alcohol; because of revenge, he killed a man in an alley who did not want to give him money for another portion of whiskey — Colin Farrell.
  • Captain Brownlee — the captain of a ship sailing the North Sea; wants to catch a huge whale and make a lot of money; does not listen to other people’s advice; hides the true motives of the trip from the crew and wishes that no one would find out his secret — Stephen Graham.
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Interesting Facts

  1. At the end of 2016, it was officially confirmed that the TV show “The North Water” would be on TV soon. Gathering piece by piece the attributes necessary for a TV series, the film crew delayed the process for 3.5 years, and as a result, filming began only in 2019. The first season appeared on July 15, 2021.
  2. In search of beautiful places for a successful landscape, the producers spent a lot of time. As a result, the Hungarian Lake Balaton was chosen, and then on the Svalbard archipelago, located in Norway.
  3. Stephen Graham became the first actor confirmed for the role. Back in 2016, he received an offer, agreed and waited for the start of filming for 3 years. After 3 years, the casting began and Jack O’Connell became the second in a row, followed by the rest.
  4. Colin Farrell has been cast several times for his role. The competition was great, but it was still approved. Note that Farrell with great pleasure played a downed drunkard and rowdy, since there were no such roles in his filmography.

The North Water Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced

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