The Nut Job 3 release date

The Nut Job is the animated film from the studio “Gulfstream Pictures”, filmed by director Kellan Bruckner.

As of June 2020, there is no official information on the production of a new part of the animated film “The Nut Job”. Perhaps the premiere of the sequel will take place a little later.

The first part of the franchise, which came out in 2014, brought the company $ 112 million, box office sequel in 2017, just exceeded one hundred millionth line.

The Nut Job 3 release data

Not surprisingly, the studio bosses are going to shoot a new cartoon, and the younger generation will soon see their favorite characters.

What will be in 3 parts?

The battle of the purple squirrel Wicked with a cunning raccoon ended with the victory of the squirrel, but what for it will result in a war with the fat mayor who decided to turn the Freedom park into an amusement park?

But it all started not so bad. Wicked and his friends had their own warehouse with nuts, but by coincidence of some unpleasant circumstances, the warehouse, and with it all the nuts, flew up into the air, enveloped in flames, dust and smoke.

But Wicked, an indefatigable optimist, has found a new house for his friends, the Freedom Park and now, knowing the mayor’s plans, he needs to defend him and prove to the two-legged that the tail should also be reckoned with.

The Nut Job 3 release data

For help in the upcoming war for the park, Wicked and his Buddy Rat friend turn to a mouse named Mr. Fang, paws outside and a true warrior inside. It is he and his faithful and formidable blond-haired pupils who can help the squirrel in a fierce battle for the right to own the park’s grounds.

But the mayor, being cunning and greedy, just does not give up and when Wicked and his fluffy team almost bow the scales of victory to their side, launches a secret weapon that threatens to frustrate all plans of a The Nut Job, and turn his works to pieces. And then no one will help Wicked: neither Mr. Fang, nor the pug Bunny, nor Buddy’s best friend.

The Nut Job 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
The Nut Job 3Part 3not announced

The Nut Job 3 2017 Trailer

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