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Prairie Johnson had suffered from blindness since childhood, and once she just disappeared. Parents could not find a daughter for 7 years. There was already no hope of salvation, but here the girl returned. She is already 28 years old. She hides the place where she was, calls herself an incomprehensible nickname “OA” and gained the ability to see…

When will “The OA Season 3” be released?

It’s no secret that the creators of the OA project wanted to release 5 seasons. Even good ratings did not prevent the series from closing. On August 5, 2019, representatives of the Netflix officially announced the completion of the project. The continuation of the story should not be expected.

Recall that the premiere took place on December 16, 2016 and a couple of months later the picture was successfully extended for the new season.


Prairie returns to her parents. They are shocked, because earlier the girl was blind. She does not respond to all questions and does not consider it necessary to do this in the future. Even more surprising is the fact that she forces people to call her by another name. Now her name is Oa, she can see, but does not want to flaunt her secrets.

The only thing that Oa tells about 7 years old is that there are other hostages who disappeared just like her. But soon the girl has to speak. Collecting near the trio of schoolchildren, she tells her fate. She comes from Russia and lived in the family of an oligarch for several years – then her name was Nina Azarova.

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Frame from the series

After Nina went on a trip with the children, a mafia car crashed into their bus. Nina fell into the river and strange things happened to her. On the other side, she heard a voice. The woman’s name was Khatun and she took away her sight from Nina in order to protect the girl from harm in the future, but she also gave life. When it became known that Nina was blind, her father sent her to an American boarding school.

This act was made from the best intentions. But the death of her father ruined all the plans, and Nina fell to foster parents – Nancy and Abel. They decided to name the girl Prairie. For a long time they had to fight the dreams that haunted Nina. In one of them, she saw her father, who was waiting for her at the Statue of Liberty – then she decided to run away.

At 21, Oa went to the Statue of Liberty, but instead of her father, she came across a mad scientist who tricked her into his laboratory and made an experimental rat in his experiments. For 7 years, Oa, along with other prisoners, was trapped in the basement. But in the end she managed to get out, though for quite a while.

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Actors and their roles

  • Oa – her birth name Nina, the girl has Russian roots, but after the death of her billionaire father she got into the American family, got the name Prairie Johnson, this family tried to eliminate the girl’s unpleasant dreams with pills, eventually Prairie stole a mad scientist who kept 7 years her in custody – Brit Marling.
  • Hap – a villain, Dr. Hunter Aloysius Percy, fraudulently lured Prairie to his ship and locked her in a glass cage in his basement, in addition to Oa, he has other hostages who, in his opinion, are more dangerous than blind Oa – Jason Isaacs.
  • Homer Roberts – became a hostage of Hap earlier than Oa, for about 1 year, was previously an athlete, is one of the people with whom Oa has a relationship – Emory Cohen.

Interesting Facts

  1. The project’s producers were appointed Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling – this is the third joint project that they have to start together. A few years ago, colleagues met and realized that they had a common vision of television pictures. Now they successfully create new series that become masterpieces and conquer the audience.
  2. Rotten Tomatoes rated the show at 72% freshness, which is a good indicator for similar pictures. Metacritic website aggregator spoke less positively about the series – in the opinion of users of the website, the picture is only partially good, because the storyline is weak, and the main character does not act out her scenes “as it should”.
  3. Viewers agree that the series “OA” is similar to another picture – “Stranger Things“. Here, some of the fans are divided – some speak only about the positive moments from the series, others focus on the negative ones. Fans of science fiction will appreciate the picture and will not begin to spread rumors about the actress’s insolvency – Marling has a lot of good things and was not taken in vain by the main character.
  4. In life, Brit Marling is a very optimistic lady. Therefore, when parents began to follow their daughter on television, the mother could not hold back her tears — so realistically she played a character with a truly difficult fate. Her own mother even for a moment felt sorry for the girl Prairie who was unfamiliar to her in the form of her daughter.
  5. Jason Isaacs rarely plays such crazy people, so he often asked to retake the scenes with his participation. The directors were not opposed, because Isaacs has the director’s makings and he perfectly feels his hero. Jason worked his image for a long time and did not want to look like a bad actor in the eyes of the audience.
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The OA Season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1the series is closed
3x02Series 2the series is closed
3x03Series 3the series is closed
3x04Series 4the series is closed
3x05Series 5the series is closed
3x06Series 6the series is closed
3x07Series 7the series is closed
3x08Series 8the series is closed

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