The Originals season 6

The creators of the “The Originals” left a few strings to a new, final season, which would warm up the interest of the audience, and they succeeded.

Unfortunately fans, season 5 of the series “The Originals” was the final. Continuation will not be removed.

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Before you figure out what awaits the fans of the show in the last season, remember what ended the fifth season.

The final season of the multi-series vampire drama, tells of an ancient power, referred to as “Emptiness.” An ancient witch with unlimited possibilities in the field of magic, was imprisoned in his own symbol.

And different parts of her body, along with her soul, using magic, were scattered all over the world. And now, she is finally close to rebirth on earth, but for this she needs a strong witch, who is the daughter of Klaus and Haley: Hope.

The Originals TV series

Having possessed the body of little Hope, the witch wants to subdue New Orleans. To stop such a powerful being, even the most ancient creatures in the world can not. But thanks, Vincent, there is a solution: to divide her power with a spell and place in the original vampire.

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For the spell, it took four eternally living creatures to perform: Klaus, Rebecca, Elijah and Cole. The only condition was to restrain the spell. Family members should never see each other again and stay close to Hope.

The season ends perfectly, so that you could not even think about continuing. Haley is taking Hope to Mystic Falls, where the girl goes to a supernatural school. Freya and Kilin stay in New Orleans, Rebecca finally finds her happiness with Marcel.

Elijah is freed from his devotion and guilt before the family, forcing Marcel to erase all the memories of his vampire life. Klaus wanders and sees his brother happy.

What can fans expect in the final part of vampire history?

It has already become known that the creators of the “The Originals” prepared several surprises for the fans of not only this show, but also touched on the theme of the already completed “Vampire Diaries”. Her consent to the shooting has already been given to Kendis King, familiar to viewers on the role of Caroline Forbes.

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The appearance of this heroine in the “The Originals”, a long-standing desire of all fans of the pair Caroline and Klaus. And finally, they will meet face to face. However, it is not yet clear, Niklaus’s beloved will be present only in one episode or throughout the season.

This fact became a highlight of the upcoming season. Recall that the story of Caroline and Klaus began in the distant series of “Vampire Diaries”, when the charming blonde met with Tyler: the first hybrid of Klaus.

The Originals TV series

As a result, Niklaus fell head over heels in love with his friend’s girlfriend. Between the two heroes was a crazy chemistry, but the relationship never came. However, the line of these two characters was pulled from season to season, not forgetting about the numerous fans of this pair.

As for Haley, she will have a new man. It is not yet clear who he is and how serious it is, but Elijah will accurately address this topic. Speaking of Elijah, he will have to regain his memory in every way, for the sake of saving the family.

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What threat hangs over the heroes of the series, it is not clear yet, the creators of the show keep it a secret. The only thing they promised is not to forget about any character and to walk away worthily. Well, fans of the series are waiting for the upcoming season premiere. The final part should answer all questions and arrange all the points, so that the finale of the “The Originals” promises to be interesting.

The Originals season 6 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1closed after season 5
6x02Series 2closed after season 5
6x03Series 3closed after season 5
6x04Series 4closed after season 5
6x05Series 5closed after season 5
6x06Series 6closed after season 5
6x07Series 7closed after season 5
6x08Series 8closed after season 5
6x09Series 9closed after season 5
6x10Series 10closed after season 5

The Originals Trailer 2017

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