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The spaceship plows the expanses of the universe until a new captain appears on board. Ed Mercer had been preparing to lead the crew for many years, and only in the 25th century did he have such an opportunity. A year ago, he went through a difficult divorce, and now he is trying to make changes in his life. But will it be possible to combine mental trauma with team management?..

“The Orville ss 4”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the fantastic TV show “The Orville” may not take place, because even before the premiere of the season 3 called “The Orville: New Horizons” the producers admitted that most likely it will be the final one. But loyal fans do not lose hope of seeing their favorite characters again, because “most likely” means absolutely nothing in the world of cinema.


The reason for Ed’s divorce is very clear — he found his beloved Kelly in the same bed with an alien. The divorce process was hard for the man, and all year he could hardly remember the past events. Only having received the news of his appointment to the post of captain, Ed perked up and now looked forward to a pleasant pastime in the company of like-minded people.

Together with the crew, Mercer planned to follow the instructions of the Planetary Union and work for the good of the Universe, but unpleasant events were not long in coming. The first blow was the news that his ex-wife would become his assistant! The ugly images reappeared in his memory, but Ed did his best not to endure personal insults. Unfortunately for both, it didn’t always work out.

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Sometimes Ed tried to offend Kelly so much that she herself wanted to go to another ship. And so it happened — the woman promised to change the team as soon as she had the opportunity. But for several seasons, her wish was not destined to come true. She still helps her ex-husband and successfully follows him on every mission.

Frame from the TV show

For three seasons, Ed was repeatedly on the verge of being fired, but thanks to a well-coordinated team of his subordinates, he managed to get out of the most difficult situations. Even Kelly, who still considers her own betrayal justified, always rushes to the aid of her commander. She does everything possible to ensure that Mercer is in the desired position for as long as possible.

His friend Gordon Malloy is always ready to help Ed survive the torment about a failed relationship. Trying to impress another lady of the heart, he made a fatal mistake and since then there have been legends about his bad luck. Few people want to take him on board their ship, but Ed did not hesitate to invite a friend to become an integral part of his team…

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Actors and their roles

  • Ed Mercer — survived the betrayal of a loved one, now Ed hardly trusts others; forced to work in the same team with his ex-wife, but as an employee, Kelly is completely satisfied with him; Ed is adamant, appreciates the opinion of a narrow circle of people and rarely succumbs to emotions; he deftly makes decisions and knows how to take responsibility for them, without shifting to others — Seth MacFarlane.
  • Alara Kitan — belongs to a race that is resistant to strong gravity; responsible for the work of the security service; physically stronger than a human — Halston Sage.
  • Kelly Grayson — Mercer’s companion, who decided to have an affair with a blue-skinned representative of an alien civilization; considers betrayal justified, since her husband often left her, preferring to focus not on family life, but on work; currently working for the benefit of Orville and is the assistant captain — Adrianne Palicki.
  • Claire Finn — a doctor, has vast experience and is highly regarded among those who plow space; had the opportunity to work on a ship whose class is many times superior to the Orville, but she decided to refuse it — Penny Johnson Jerald.
  • Gordon Malloy — Ed’s friend; knows how to joke and often does it, although others perceive his words as the truth; despises Kelly and agrees with Ed; he got on board the Orville only after a friend vouched for him — Scott Grimes.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Unlike the 1st and 2nd seasons, the third one was shorter and consisted of only 10 episodes. But the episodes were longer by an average of 13 minutes. In 2021, on the third attempt and after another wave of coronavirus, the film crew finally finished work on the season 3. As a result, it turned out that the shooting lasted more than a year, which cost the creators too much. Only after the release of the season it turned out that everything was not in vain — new episodes were expected to be commercial success.
  2. For Norm MacDonald, who played the role of Lieutenant Yaphit, or rather his voice, participation in the project was the last work in his life. The season 3 was dedicated to him.
  3. For most of his life, Seth MacFarlane has been creating and voicing the animated series “Family Guy“, “American Dad!” and “The Cleveland Show”. The first 2 cartoons contain more than 100 episodes and brought a large share of the fortune that Seth has today.

The Orville Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1not announced
4x02Series 2not announced
4x03Series 3not announced
4x04Series 4not announced
4x05Series 5not announced
4x06Series 6not announced
4x07Series 7not announced
4x08Series 8not announced
4x09Series 9not announced
4x10Series 10not announced

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