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When a girl named Talon lived in her tribe, she never allowed other tribes to abuse her relatives. An innate craving for justice sometimes led the main character to the most unexpected places. But after her tribe was destroyed only for the unusual color of blood, Talon decided to always stand her ground and not give up in case of any inequality…

“The Outpost ss 4”: release date, announcement

It is too early to talk about the continuation of the fantastic show “The Outpost”, although the popularity of the project does not fade away. Some sources claim that season 4 is set to shoot at the end of 2020. But do not forget that season 3 has become 13 episodes longer, which means that the next season may have the same number of episodes, which will affect the length of the filming process. Then the season premiere will take place later.

p.s. Officially: “The Outpost” TV Show Season 4 premieres on July 15, 2021!

Fantasy fans fell in love with the story of a girl with a destroyed destiny, and now we will again watch how Talon protects loved ones, avenges her relatives and enters into a new fight against injustice…


Talon traveled the world for many years after all her relatives were victims on the way of villains. A distinctive feature of her appearance is black blood and the shape of her ears. When Talon was left alone, she had to cut off part of her ears to look more like people. So she had at least a chance to escape from the assassins operating in the village.

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Of those horrific events, she remembers the man with the tattoo on his arm who killed her mother. Already in adulthood, a girl accidentally finds the one who got this tattoo. The man confesses that he made only 7 such marks to the assassins and one of them is not far away, heading to the outpost. Talon believes that there is no time to waste.

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Talon meets Captain Garret Spears along the way. He saves her from a monster that lives in the forest and offers to go with him to the outpost, which is led by his father. Talon agrees. On the very first day, she finds her ill-wisher, but an unknown girl distracts her from the desired pursuit.

Frame from the TV show

Lady Gwynn threatens Talon with reprisals if she does not protect her from the villain. To Talon’s surprise, they consider the same person to be the villain. A short time later, the girl learns that Lady Gwynn is Spears’ girlfriend, who flirted with her a few hours ago. Talon does not pay attention to this, because in her head there is a goal – the killer of her mother.

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After checking the outpost, Talon finds her tormentor and tries to take his life. But he turns out to be more agile and rips the girl’s stomach open. With difficulty retaining consciousness, Talon sees how an unknown person kills the mercenary and pulls the knives out of her. Thus begins the story of revenge that the blackblood has dreamed of for over 13 years…

Lady Gwynn, Captain Spears, and their relatives, who hold an important position in the outpost, will become frequent companions of the main character. The adventure is just beginning…

Actors and their roles

  • Talon – a girl with black blood and strange-looking ears, which she later had to cut off; kind, fair, always stands up for someone who needs help; came to the outpost to kill the man who hacked her mother with an ax; shortly before arrival she lost her only friend  – Jessica Green.
  • Garret Spears – Captain of the army of the outpost where Talon arrived; charming, knows how to inspire people with what he wants; has a weakness for a blackblood girl, but at first does not know her true origin; Garret is the son of the outpost chief and often uses his official position for personal purposes – Jake Stormoen.
  • Lady Gwynn – pompous, self-confident girl; kind, though sometimes gives the impression of a spoiled person – Imogen Waterhouse.

Interesting Facts

  1. The stars Imogen Waterhouse, Jessica Green and Jake Stormoen are good friends in real life. They socialize off-set, are the same age and have many hobbies in common. The trinity loves sports and even trains with the same person who helps them stage fight scenes.
  2. The main director is the Yugoslavian author and producer Milan Todorović. Most of his works are shown in Yugoslavia, but after arriving in America, he decided to try his hand at fantasy. They say that Dean Devlin, the producer of the project, hired Todorović because they are old friends and Milan needed a job.
  3. The script is written by Jonathan Glassner, Kynan Griffin and Jason Faller. Katherine DiSavino was hired as a script consultant and main inventor of non-standard storylines. She was called after the successful start of the show “Nancy Drew”, which is so popular with viewers around the world thanks to Katherine’s script.
  4. Jessica Green worked with a personal trainer for six months before filming the TV series “The Outpost”, who later began to train the rest of the actors. The girl achieved good results, gained stamina, and since season 2 she began to perform many dangerous stunts on her own, without resorting to the help of stuntmen.
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The Outpost Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1July 15, 2021
4x02Series 2July 22, 2021
4x03Series 3July 29, 2021
4x04Series 4August 5, 2021
4x05Series 5August 12, 2021
4x06Series 6August 19, 2021
4x07Series 7August 26, 2021
4x08Series 8September 2, 2021
4x09Series 9September 9, 2021
4x10Series 10September 16, 2021

THE OUTPOST – Behind The Scenes Featurette

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