The Pacifier 2

This is a story about a former Marine, who is forced by order of the government to go to protect the house of the deceased scientist.Behind the inventions of the latter are hunting large terrorist organizations. The protagonist went through several hot spots, but this did not prepare him for the conditions in which he falls.

The fact is that the same scientist has five children left with whom Shane will not only have to meet, he will have to educate them.

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Will the “The Pacifier 2” be released?

Since the release of the first part has passed more than 10 years, and fans of the movie have long resigned themselves to the fact that there will be no continuation.
However, in recent interviews, both the filmmakers and Vin Diesel himself have repeatedly said that there is a possibility of the second part being released.

According to unconfirmed data, the script “Bald Nanny 2” is already working closely. Vin Diesel revises his schedule to find the time for filming of the family comedy that has fallen in love with everyone.

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The Pacifier 2

What exactly the creators are preparing is difficult to say. The fans can only guess.

This is a kind family comedy that can be reviewed more than a dozen times. Despite the fact that such films have already been shot quite a lot, the picture turned out to be successful.

For Vin Diesel himself it was an interesting and useful experience. The actor admitted that he needed to change the podnadoevshie severe fighters to something absolutely the opposite. “Bald nanny” – this is exactly what was needed.

Reviews and criticism

The film was well received by both critics and spectators. Vin Diesel perfectly coped with his role, repeating the experience of Arnold Schwarzenegger and starring in a family comedy.

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The Pacifier 2

The actor showed himself in a rather unusual image, which in general was a success. Watching how the star “Forsage” holds a nine-month-old baby on its hands and is touched, it was rather unusual. At the same time, Vin Diesel did not look ridiculous in this role.

The actor later said in an interview that the shooting gave him an unimaginable pleasure, and he works with the youngest member of the film crew at least 24 hours a day.

The script of the film is quite simple. He literally stuffed with established stereotypes, predictable, but at the same time involuntarily causes a smile and delivers real pleasure.

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Watching such a movie is nice for the reason that it is not necessary to follow the plot here, there is no need to delve into the characters of the characters or their motives. It’s enough just to watch what’s happening on the screen and relax.

Despite the fact that the film turned out to be quite simple, there’s practically no reason to criticize it. Here everything is at the proper level.

The Pacifier 2 release date

NameSeries titleRelease date
The PacifierPart 22019

The Pacifier “Shane’s Rules”-FUNNY SCENE

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