The Power season 6

“The Power” is an American TV series that tells the story of James St. Patrick. He is a resident of New York and a wealthy owner of a nightclub. This allows him to become one with the elite of this city. James is an excellent father and reliable husband. All his friends are surprised at the success of a simple guy and even envy him.

The release date for the season 6 of the series “The Power” is already known, the new series will be shown August 25, 2019. The management of the series officially announced that the season 6 will be final.

However, the guy is not as simple as it seems, because in other circles he is known by the nickname “Ghost”. James since childhood was a smart guy, but a poor family and a number of other reasons did not allow him to get a good education and work. But the guy went the other way, selling drugs. He did it exquisitely and neatly. Being one of the largest suppliers of drugs, the guy himself has never revealed himself to partners or cops, conducting transactions by detours and with the help of proxies.
Excess of money led to the need to find a way for them to launder, and it became a night club. Now this place is one of the most fashionable and popular in the city, musicians, movie stars and other strong and rich worlds all dream to visit the club.
While leading a double life, James is always on the verge of a foul, but his flexible mind allows him to avoid revealing the secrets of a successful businessman. So it was until recently, while the team did not leak into the team. His actions seriously harm the drug trade, and the broken deals hit the reputation of the protagonist. The situation is constantly deteriorating. The problems begin at home, the wife suspects something. All this headache seems never to stop, but this is only the beginning.

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The Power season 5
The Power

The FBI has long known about a certain ghost who skillfully disappears from justice. All previous attempts to catch him failed. But here the worm interferes with the matter, which by its actions attracts the attention of cops. As a result, the authorities are on the trail of James.
All seasons of the series, the protagonist was able to avoid serious problems. But in the fourth situation the situation only worsened. The main problem is a rat, which can not be found. The first task is to find a way out of the situation, clear your name before suppliers and remove the FBI from the tail.
Series Power really captures. The plot line seems truthful, not woven of cliches and stereotypes. Finally, the main character, who played a benchmark 50 cent. His game is convincing, it seems that he lives this life, and does not try to match it. This is partly true, because the rapper is also a producer and one of the screenwriters of the series. He invested in him an impressive part of his own history. Striking in the film and entourage, everything here is tasteful. Boys in suits, chic girls and an atmosphere of luxury.
The world of wealth and drugs almost always inevitably go alongside. Most often, from a sudden influx of money, drug dealers quickly go crazy, make mistakes and find themselves in prison or in the next world. But not our hero, he manages to trail around the finger and the authorities and businessmen. But how long will this kind of luck last?

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The Power season 6 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1August 25, 2019
6x02Series 2September 1, 2019
6x03Series 3September 8, 2019
6x04Series 4September 15, 2019
6x05Series 5September 22, 2019
6x06Series 6September 29, 2019
6x07Series 7October 6, 2019
6x08Series 8October 13, 2019
6x09Series 9October 20, 2019
6x10Series 10October 27, 2019


The Power season 5
The Power season 5
The Power season 5
The Power season 5

The Power season 5 official trailer

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