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Many series were invented on the theme of Purge night, because people in real life simply have nowhere to pour out their own anger. Purge night is a series that allows you to see with your own eyes what human society is capable of at a time when people go unpunished for murders and other violence.

When will the series “The Purge Season 3” come out?

Most viewers appreciated the gloomy atmosphere of the TV project, so with each subsequent season, the audience increased, leaving the creators the opportunity to think about the sequel. Will it be?
Unfortunately, the long-awaited sequel to “The Purge” will not take place. In May 2020, the management of the USA Network TV channel, which broadcast the show, officially announced the closure of the project.


The story revolves around American residents who are about to turn out to be participants in a terrible night. Each year, the government gives 12 hours, during which each person can punish other people for their grievances. But many simply take the opportunity to throw out their anger at everyone who turns up arm-in-arm because of this, everyone is afraid to appear on the street.

At 7 pm all doors, windows are closed, people are hiding in basements, houses and other structures that seem safe to them. For reprisal, you can use almost any type of weapon. One of the rules is the complete inviolability of the authorities. They can not be touched even on Purge night. But they have fun as ordinary people never dreamed of.

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Locked in a mansion with a hundred guests, the rich come up with their own entertainment. The victims of such “meetings” are ordinary people who want to earn extra money and do not want to participate in the massacre taking place on the streets of the city. Since all public services do not work on this night, it makes no sense to hope for the help of doctors or police.

The Purge Season 3
Frame from the series

Many people try to cope with the regime and simply want to protect their loved ones. Others are eager to become a victim of a terrible night, because before that they got into a sect that “brainwashed” them. Some go to the house of the rich, where they have to go through humiliation for the sake of money – Jenna and Rick are not the first time participating in such an event and know the procedure.

The longer time passes, the greater the danger threatens civilians who do not want to either judge or be tried. Not even wanting to become a killer, they have to pick up weapons and defend their own interests. Each season is a new battle for their future, but not everyone can come out of it as winners.

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Actors and their roles

  • Penelope – is the sister of Miguel; finding herself under a bad influence, she fell into a sect that propagated life in heaven after death; Penelope was invited to become a victim of Purge Night in exchange for eternal happiness after death; the girl was in the group for some time, but at the last moment she realized that they simply want to kill them – Jessica Garza.
  • Miguel – came to America in search of a sister who, in his opinion, was in the hospital, but soon found out that she had joined the ranks of sectarians; Miguel embarked on her search, while using criminal methods before Purge Night – Gabriel Chavarria.
  • Jenna – hopes to make money at the “meeting” of rich people; she had already participated in such an event with Rick, after which they had bad memories; for the sake of a haven for the poor, Jenna decided to try her luck again and plans to take part again – Hannah Emily Anderson.
  • Rick – a friend of Jenna, decided to participate in competitions for the rich with her, but he is more optimistic – Colin Woodell.

Interesting Facts

  1. The series premiered on September 4, 2018. Each season has 10 episodes lasting 60 minutes. Almost every series is created by at least five directors who are responsible for certain moments: dramatic scenes in the responsibility of Tara Nicole Weyr, Anthony Hemingway works on battle scenes without special effects, etc.
  2. James DeMonaco, screenwriter of the original “The Purge” movie, also helped the creators in developing the plot for the series. His skills in such projects are indispensable – which is why he is considered one of the most expensive screenwriters in the United States.
  3. By the beginning of the season 2, the number of genres of the painting increased – there was a place for science fiction, and this was done very appropriately. There were also more horrors – nightmare scenes appeared 2 times more often than in the season 2.
  4. In November 2019, negotiations were held between the creators of the series and the USA Network TV channel, which were to decide the fate of the project. Thus, unofficial sources have information about the season 4, which will be created shortly after the third one. So far, there have been no official confirmations indicating the continuation of the project.
  5. Colin Woodell participated in the casting three times, twice he was refused. The persistence of the actor had a positive impact on the directors, so Anthony Hemingway personally asked the creators of the series that Woodell received one of the main roles.
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The Purge Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1the project is closed
3x02Series 2the project is closed
3x03Series 3the project is closed
3x04Series 4the project is closed
3x05Series 5the project is closed
3x06Series 6the project is closed
3x07Series 7the project is closed
3x08Series 8the project is closed
3x09Series 9the project is closed
3x10Series 10the project is closed

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