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Senior Resident Conrad Hawkins has a lot of experience, but every other resident thinks they can handle patients better than their teacher. The trouble lies in the naivety of these charges, because Conrad is really a brilliant doctor. His new employee Devon Pravesh also considers himself the best, but very soon he will realize how wrong he was…

“The Resident ss 5”: release date, announcement

Viewers have already enjoyed watching the season 4, and the FOX management, although they did not name the exact date, in every possible way hinted at the imminent continuation of the TV series “The Resident”. It is known that in May 2021, footage from the filming of new episodes has already appeared on the network.

p.s. “The Resident” season 5 premiere date has been officially announced: September 21, 2021! Recall that in 2021, 2 seasons were released at once: the show of the season 4 started on January 12 and consisted of 14 episodes. There will be 23 episodes in the season 5.


The head of the department of surgery, Randolph Bell has long held his post. And this is not surprising – only a small number of people know the statistics of his mistakes, who are either intimidated by him or do not want to make such an influential enemy.

In season 1, while performing surgery to remove appendicitis, Bell accidentally touched an artery with a scalpel, after which the patient died. The terrified nurses decided not to disclose the details of the operation, and Randolph, not without difficulty, decided to forget about what was happening. The tremor worried him more and more, but he did not want to leave the workplace. After each operation, he posted on the Internet laudatory reviews of himself, so that Bell’s customer base never ran out.

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Conrad always doubted Bell’s competence and did not miss the moment to make a cruel joke in his direction. Therefore, men often argued among themselves. Conrad had a big passion – girls. He gave a place of honor in his heart for a colleague named Nic. She is smart, kind, has noble goals and has a passion for Hawkins.

Frame from the TV show

While the doctors are trying to improve relations with each other, Devon Pravesh gets an internship with Conrad. He dreamed of being a doctor so much that he graduated from several institutes and knows the theory very well. There are even some practical skills behind him. After talking with the mentor one day, Devon asks Nic to change the senior resident, but the girl suggests Pravesh to look at Hawkins better.

During the shift, Pravesh decides to disobey Conrad’s orders, which leads to irreversible consequences. Later, Devon realizes that everything is so complicated that it is impossible to understand: where are the bad actions, and where are the good ones. And although he still wants to be a doctor, but the sensations from real work are not at all the same. The disappointment turned out to be too great…

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Actors and their roles

  • Conrad Hawkins – an eccentric, nervous physician who uses his talent for good intentions; in love with Nic; wants to make an excellent doctor out of Devon, was impressed by his skills on his first day at work; can’t forget a 5-year-old girl with cancer, whom he accidentally gave too much antibiotics, after which she died – Matt Czuchry.
  • Devon Pravesh – graduated from Yale University, Harvard; dreaming of becoming a full-fledged doctor, he began working under the leadership of Conrad and was unpleasantly surprised that theory is so different from practice, and that the career of a doctor is fraught with many terrible mysteries; lives with a girl; committed to a dream and does not deviate from the goal – Manish Dayal.
  • Nic – works at the reception of the hospital; helps to assist with urgent calls; builds relationships with Conrad; at the age of 13, she lost her mother due to a mistake by doctors, after which she decided to work in a hospital and see that such cases do not happen again – Emily VanCamp.
  • Randolph Bell – in the past he was a good surgeon, but over the years his hands began to shake so much that he once cut an artery to a patient who only needed to have an appendix cut out; trying to pursue a career, but too many people already know about his problem – Bruce Greenwood.
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Interesting Facts

  1. At home, the Bruce Greenwood family was constantly talking about the medical topic, because his mother Mary Sylvia worked as a nurse in the advanced care unit and helped patients recover from extensive brain damage.
  2. The exterior of the hospital belongs to the High Museum of Art, located in Atlanta. This scenic view also inspired the creators of the TV shows “Manhunter” (1986) and “Red Band Society” (2014), which used a museum street view.
  3. Since the first season, when the number of viewers exceeded 7 million, the audience dropped to 3.5 million. And even this result is still acceptable to the creators of the TV project, since the budget is quite enough for all expenses.
  4. At the beginning of filming for season 4, Matt Czuchry broke his arm. They had to postpone filming for one month, and then removed the scenes where Czuchry had to perform complex manipulations with this hand – the bone fusion was very slow.

The Resident Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1September 21, 2021
5x02Series 2September 28, 2021
5x03Series 3October 5, 2021
5x04Series 4October 12, 2021
5x05Series 5October 19, 2021
5x06Series 6October 26, 2021
5x07Series 7November 2, 2021
5x08Series 8November 9, 2021
5x09Series 9November 16, 2021
5x10Series 10November 23, 2021

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