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Again, the hero of the first 2 parts of the cartoon “The Secret Life of Pets” Max becomes the main character. This time he is waiting for new adventures with bosom friends, whom he found even in the first season! The guys will be the rescuers of the hostess of Max and will be forced to help her in this situation. But will they be able to overcome all the difficulties once again?

When will the cartoon “The Secret Life of Pets 3” come out?

A sequel to the computer-animated film “The Secret Life of Pets” has not been announced. Given the popularity of the picture, we want to believe that we will still see the part 3. In the meantime, we can only wait and follow the news.
It is interesting for people to observe about the fictional life of our pets, since every second person has an animal that is an integral member of the family…


What only adventures did not fall on the head of Max – Jack Russell Terrier dog. At first, he was just a spoiled dog that did not give a calm life to her mistress, Katie. Everything changed at the moment when the girl brought home another dog – Newfoundland Duke. Externally – a calm dog, but as soon as Katie went to work, Duke tried in every possible way to substitute Max with his tricks.

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Between the two dogs for a long time the controversy did not stop – each tried to attract more attention to Katie. But in the end, the common grief was able to unite them and for two parts the guys were best friends. Their main enemy in the first part was a rabbit named Snowball. Behind the appearance of a charming animal, there was a real monster who hated people and called others to it.

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Only Max and Duke’s friendship was able to thwart the plans of Snowball, who dreamed of inciting all animals to war with humans. The little girl picked up the fluffy cruelty, and then Snowball realized that he was wrong. He began to adore his young mistress and was grateful to her for not leaving him to die on the street among hundreds of abandoned animals.

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In the second part, Max could not overcome his fears – on nervous grounds, he began to itch constantly, to behave inadequately. Katie scared the strange behavior of her dog, she decided to take Max to the vet and find out what was wrong. Having decided not to shift their troubles to the hostess, the dog independently looked for options for getting rid of fears. It was hard for Max, but he managed again and became a former friendly pet.

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In part 3 pets will have to come together again and get out of the next situation in which they fall into their own stupidity. Must not forget about Katie, who will have problems. Our heroes will decide to return the former calm to the hostess at any cost.

Actors and their roles

  • Max – a Jack Russell Terrier, cheerful, friendly, in love with a Spitz named Gidget, loves adventure and is looking forward to his mistress when she returns home, constantly gets into trouble, but does not despair because he has many animal friends, ready to come to his aid – Louis C.K.
  • Duke – Newfoundland, Katie took him from the orphanage, Duke first wanted to live with Katie without Max, then, by her own stupidity, was dragged into a fight with Snowball, found out about the death of his first owner Fred, that he was very saddened, he ended up living with Max and Katie – Eric Stonestreet.
  • Gidget – a charming Spitz doggie and sympathizes with Max, but she didn’t express her feelings until the moment when he himself admitted her love – Jenny Slate.
  • Snowball – an embittered white fluffy rabbit possessing an inexhaustible air supply in the lungs, in part 1 led an underground group of animals injured by people, in part 2 was the pet of a young lady, but the irresistible craving for adventure in a rabbit never ended, imagines himself a little Is not a superman who can cope with any difficulties – Kevin Hart.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The part 1 of the cartoon appeared in 2016, and the 2nd one was launched only after 3 years. Currently, animated graphics take a very long time, so between the cartoons there are such big breaks. The first part was created quickly, but had to wait 6 months for the film to be released.
  2. Brian Lynch was the author of the script for all parts of the film. Lynch is very famous in the world of animated films, because his work is a huge success. “Puss in Boots”, “Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem 3D”, “Minions”, “Binky Nelson Unpacified” – each of these paintings is the result of Brian’s fantasy.
  3. Chris Renaud will remain as director. But it is already known that he decided to take an assistant for himself, since working alone on part 2 took him a lot of time. In part 1, he also did not do without an assistant, but by his own naivety decided that the next part would be easier. Everything turned out differently, and now Chris has changed his mind again.

The Secret Life of Pets 3: release date

NameRelease date
The Secret Life of Pets 3not announced

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