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From birth, Catherine was plagued by failure. Born in the marriage of two wealthy commoners, she soon became an orphan and was sent to a monastery. But everything turned out to be much more complicated, because a large reward was assigned to her head. Having found her distant relatives, she realizes that a great future awaits her, which will not disgrace her like her parents who died in dishonor…

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The continuation of the historical drama “The Serpent Queen” has not been officially confirmed, but film critics are sure that new episodes are already being developed. The crazy ratings of the season 1 give confidence that new episodes will be released soon. According to unofficial sources, Season 2 will be shown in the fall of 2023. There is no more precise information yet.


For parents, Catherine was a long-awaited child, but her father had his weaknesses — he was an adherent of carnal pleasures and died of syphilis shortly after the birth of his daughter. A year later, her mother, infected by her father, committed suicide. Catherine was taken by her grandmother, but her advanced age did not allow her to raise the girl for a long time. So she ended up in an Italian convent.

Being very young, Catherine witnessed how the mercenaries who were sent by the Pope invaded the monastery. It turns out that Catherine was his chance for a good life, but for this she will need to be married to a French prince. Having spent a huge share of his fortunes on preparations for the first meeting with King Francis, the Pope expected to enlist his support.

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The approval of the King would mean a quick wedding, so everything was carefully planned in advance. Catherine did not make the best impression, but her promises allowed her to hope for an early marriage. The prince made an indelible impression on her, it even seemed to her that she fell in love. But soon Catherine found out about his dirty secrets that broke her heart.

Frame from the TV show

Since then, Catherine does not trust anyone and wants to rule alone. She easily arranges intrigues for those who are objectionable to her, and easily pretends to be a poor sheep, while pouring poison into the glass of her enemies. Catherine does not hesitate to use the lowest tricks, because it is this style of government that has allowed her to be Queen for several years now.

One day, an idea comes to her mind. Having already earned a reputation as a cruel ruler, Catherine wants to change her maid. The choice to go to Catherine falls to a black girl who is called “It” by everyone in the kitchen. Having become accustomed to such an attitude from white-skinned maids, “It” does not oppose what has been said. On the specified day, she carries a tray of food to the Queen’s own apartments…

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After a short conversation, the girl confesses that she has a name, and in response, Catherine tells her the story of her life, from which it becomes clear that in order to win, she has to go to dirty tricks … The audience will see many more cruel scenes that are prepared for them screenwriters. But there are still many dark secrets in the arsenal of the Serpent Queen…

Actors and their roles

  • Catherine — realized early that she had magical powers; knows how to do badly to her enemies with just a glance; a cool temper allows her to always be in the spotlight if she wants it; immediately after marriage, she is disappointed in her husband, because he sleeps with Catherine’s relative — Samantha Morton.
  • Mathilde — was a servant of the main nun at the monastery; kind, knows her worth and does not allow herself to be used; goes to France as part of Catherine’s retinue, carries out her most important assignments; indifferent to ridicule about short stature — Kiruna Stamell.
  • Rahima — the only black girl among the maids who does not call her by name; becomes the Serpent Queen’s personal servant and learns about her history; Rahima is cunning, smart, quickly grasps the information received and does not trust anyone, as Catherine advised her — Sennia Nanua.

Interesting Facts

  1. The biography of Catherine only partly resembles the biography of Catherine de’ Medici, whose 3 sons ruled France in turn. The “on-screen” Catherine’s parents also died, but the real mother died of puerperal fever, and her father died only 6 days later.
  2. Samantha Morton is currently at the peak of popularity and is filming in several projects at once. Filming for the season 1 of the TV show “The Serpent Queen” coincided with the projects “She Said”, “The Whale”, “Save the Cinema” and “Tales of the Walking Dead“.
  3. Even in her youth, Kiruna Stamell was diagnosed with stunted growth (dwarfism), but she did not consider this a reason not to go into actresses. At the moment, the woman is already 41 years old and she starred in 16 films. The project “Moulin Rouge!”, released in 2001, brought her popularity. The most successful commercially for her was the film “The Best Offer”.
  4. Sennia Nanua is an aspiring actress. She landed her first role in 2015. The most significant character in her career is the role of Rahima, which she will return to in Season 2. The girl began her acting career at the age of 13, starring in the film “The Girl with All the Gifts”.
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The Serpent Queen Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12023
2x02Series 22023
2x03Series 32023
2x04Series 42023
2x05Series 52023
2x06Series 62023
2x07Series 72023
2x08Series 82023

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