The Simpsons season 30


Animated picture tells of an American family, which is alien to the concept of normal life. Homer’s husband, wife Marge and their children Liza, Bart and Maggie, have been favorite characters for teenagers and young people for more than 25 years.

When will the animated series “The Simpsons season 30” come out?

Continuation of the adventures of a fun family is expected closer to the autumn of 2018. The animated series “The Simpsons” is considered to be the longest-running picture in the history of television. The pilot series was shown in 1989.


Being a man far from ordinary American ideals, Homer Simpson always prefers to be in the center of events. His excessive love of beer, food and endless adventure often ends in comical stories.

He is considered the main source of problems in the family. At Marge all life is built. If she has to leave her home, then immediately it is chaos. So it was, when she was put in a hospital for a week with a broken leg. The eldest son Bart is a villain and a bully, extremely rarely shows his love to his close ones.

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The average daughter of Lisa has entered the third grade externally, professionally plays the saxophone and can not find her friends. Baby Maggie has been on her mother’s hands for seasons 30, showing her infant talents.

Frame from cartoon

The fact is that with the time of the release of new series, the age of the characters does not change. That is, in the last season they are as old as they were in the first. In each series, the story lines of the main characters are intertwined with other characters of Springfield. Such a maneuver leaves room for revealing the image of new heroes. As early as November 2016, it was officially announced that season 30 would be the last.

Roles were voiced

Each of the actors of the cartoon captures several roles at once:

  • Dan Castellaneta – voices Homer Simpson, his father, clown Krusty and other minor characters.
  • Julie Kavner – voiced by Marge, Patty, Selma. It is extremely rare for voice acting episodic characters.
  • Nancy Cartwright – voices such characters as Bart, Maggie and other schoolchildren.
  • Yeardley Smith – voices only Lisa.
  • Hank Azaria – many men in Springfield speak in his voice.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The subject line of “The Simpsons” often intersects with another, no less famous cartoon called “Family Guy”.
  2. Before the release of the fifth season of the animated series, the creators officially declared that it would be the last. The audience appeared much more and decided to extend the series. When it was announced that the series was closed for the thirtieth season, everyone decided that it might be a PR move to attract the audience.
  3. It’s hard not to notice that the clown of Krusty looks very similar to Homer. This is due to the fact that originally conceived by the authors, Krusty was the secret essence of Homer. Subsequently, the writers had to move away from this storyline.
  4. When the creators were engaged in the 6th season, an earthquake happened that destroyed the main part of the building. Therefore there was such a huge gap between the fifth and sixth seasons.
  5. For all the time of the “Simpsons”, Hank Azaria voiced more than 200 characters.
  6. For the saxophone Lisa Simpson, four different songs were invented.
  7. In 1998, the “Simpsons” were awarded as “The best television animated series of the 20th century” according to the magazine “Time”.
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The Simpsons season 30 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
30x01Treehouse of Horror XXIXfall 2018
30x02My Way or the Highway to Heavenfall 2018
30x03Bart’s Not Deadfall 2018
30x04Baby You Can’t Drive My Carfall 2018
30x05From Russia Without Lovefall 2018
30x06Werking Momfall 2018
30x07Krusty the Clownfall 2018
30x08Lisa Has a Crush on Homerfall 2018
30x09’Tis the 30th Seasonfall 2018
30x10The Clown Stays in the Picturefall 2018

Treehouse of Horror XXIV

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