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The series tells about the most complex and complicated cases that fall to the lot of detective Harry Ambrose. For decades he has been working in the police force and is rightfully considered a professional. But even in his practice there were cases that he could not solve. Will the detective cope with the crime that viewers will see in the new season?

When will the sequel to The Sinner Season 4 be released?

The release date of the sequel to the TV show “The Sinner” has not been officially announced for a long time, but it is known that filming for season 4 began in April 2021 in Nova Scotia. In this regard, we can say with confidence that the premiere of new episodes will take place no earlier than autumn 2021. After all, the filming process lasts at least 6 months.
p.s. Season 4 will premiere on October 13, 2021.

Such a large number of same-sex couples shown in the season 3, the audience saw for the first time. This entailed interest in the project and the resonance of the public.The new story will affect the audience to the core, because it will be about the pressing problems that concern modern society. And most importantly – there will again be intrigues and riddles!


Harry Ambrose has repeatedly revealed major crimes, but there have also been times when he had to face a difficult choice. Ambrose had to decide whether a person was worthy to be in prison or whether there was a logical explanation for his actions.

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In season 1, he worked with the Cora Tannetti case. Mother and exemplary wife did irreparable. Resting with her family on the beach, she suddenly jumped up, ran up to a stranger and inflicted several fatal wounds on him with a knife for cutting fruit. The distraught husband tried to drag his wife, but it was too late. There are many witnesses, including the son of Cora. Only one thing is not clear – what was the motive for the commission of the crime?

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Harry gets down to business and tries to understand Cora’s motives. It turns out to be not so simple, but Ambrose does not intend to give up. The season 1 of the series takes place in an attempt to figure out what caused the murder. Further – even more interesting.

The main characters of the previous season

In season 3, school teacher Jamie becomes the main character. He gets into a car accident with his long-time friend Nick. As a result, Jamie remains alive, and Nick dies. Ambrose is back in business. Jamie’s reputation is clear and he claims to have not seen Nick for many years. But Harry finds evidence to the contrary. What is Jamie’s motive for killing Nick?

While Harry wonders what the reason is, Jamie begins to see hallucinations in which Nick does crazy things. Also, as luck would have it, the other day his wife should give birth. She is more likely than others to experience such changes in her husband. And at work, problems began due to the fact that Jamie allowed his student to write a recommendation to college on her own…

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Each season is a new crime that befell Ambrose. Will he remain a detective in season 4 or follow the advice of an old friend and retire? What will be the main secret of the season and what will be the next motive for the crime?

Actors and roles

  • Harry – a detective, often sacrificing relationships with his family for work; loves his daughter and grandson very much, is often in touch with them; lives in the forest, where the network catches poorly; likes to spend time alone; he is fluent in detective skills and well understands human psychology; worried about the mistakes of the past affecting his loved ones – Bill Pullman.
  • Vic Soto – partner of Harry Ambrose; he appreciates professionalism, so for a long time he sought to work with Harry; Vic is smart, but always one step behind his partner – Eddie Martinez.
  • Nick Haas – Jamie’s University Friend; capable of inappropriate actions; can easily drive a knife into his hand, jump from the roof or throw someone else off it; after 18 years of separation, he met Jamie in a cafe; was killed in an accident that occurred through the fault of Jamie – Chris Messina.
  • Jamie – a school teacher, an exemplary husband, awaiting addition; he lacks emotions in everyday life and he decides to call Nick, who can more than arrange it; in the end, Jamie realizes that he made a mistake and decides to refuse to help Nick, leaving him to die after the accident – Matt Bomer.
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Interesting Facts

  1. For the creators, each next season is more expensive at 100 thousand dollars. Ten thousand add seasonally to the fee of Bill Pullman, which by season 3 has grown to $ 70 thousand. The remaining actors do not receive more than 30 thousand.
  2. Matt Bomer admitted that he was extremely happy to play in such a team. Moreover, after filming he made friends with Chris Messina, who turned out to be a very calm person in life.
  3. On the set of season 3, when the character of Chris Messina was supposed to draw a bloodied hand over broken glass, the actor injured his hand, but still continued to play his scene. After filming, he had to go to the hospital, because the wound was lacerated.
  4. The premiere of season 3 took place much later than planned. The reason for this is that Bill Pullman participated in another project that was impossible to quit. The creators of the project had to wait 4 months for Bill to return again to the filming of “The Sinner”.

The Sinner Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1October 13, 2021
4x02Series 2October 20, 2021
4x03Series 3October 27, 2021
4x04Series 4November 3, 2021
4x05Series 5November 10, 2021
4x06Series 6November 17, 2021
4x07Series 7November 24, 2021
4x08Series 8December 1, 2021

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