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There are detectives in the world who go to for help again and again. One of them turns out to be an experienced police officer, Harry Ambrose. Possessing a dozen secrets and desires, in every crime he wants to get to the bottom of the truth. And when the criminal himself cannot explain why he committed the murder, the detective immediately understands: he must find out the cause of what happened.

“The Sinner ss 5”: release date, announcement

If initially the project “The Sinner” was conceived as a one-season project, now the situation is different. An impeccable script, perfectly selected actors, excellent directorial work — all this the audience perceives with delight. And although it’s too early to talk about Season 5, the network is already discussing the release of new episodes. No one doubts that this will happen.

p.s. Much to the regret of the viewers, the TV show “The Sinner” is closed after the release of the season 4.


Each season has a separate story that later develops into a crime. In season 1, young mother Cora Tannetti is experiencing moral difficulties that she does not tell anyone about. As a result, while spending time on the beach with her husband and son, she rushes at a stranger. After many stab wounds, the man dies. Detective Harry Ambrose is taken to solve the case.

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In season 2, Harry encounters an 11-year-old child who, without a bit of embarrassment, kills his parents right in the motel. When asked by the police “why did you do this?” the boy cannot give an answer, because he does not understand what happened to him at that second. And again Harry Ambrose does not stand aside, considering it his duty to unearth the deeply buried truth.

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In season 3, Ambrose investigates a fatal car accident in the suburbs of Dorchester. Jamie and Nick become victims, while Nick could not survive. According to Jamie, they haven’t seen each other for many years. But the meticulous policeman finds evidence that he is lying. And although Jamie has a brilliant reputation, there are many dark deeds in his past.

Frame from the TV show

Season 4 begins with Harry tired and retired. But a holiday in Hanover Island is overshadowed by a tragedy involving Percy Muldoon, the daughter of a local wealthy man. Having learned that the best British detective is on the island, they go to him for help. So the well-deserved rest of Ambrose is postponed for an unknown period — the well-known lover of riddles himself understands that he is not ready to retire, because a new crime excites the soul …

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As for the personality of Harry himself, he is fixated on solving mysterious murders. He periodically visits a woman who hurts him. This attracts him in relationships with the opposite sex. Having many secrets, he understands exactly which corners of the soul need to be touched in order to understand the motives for the murder. This he will do again in the season 5…

Actors and roles

  • Harry Ambrose — a police officer with many years of experience; has a tendency to sadomasochism; uncovers crimes that, at first glance, have no motive; in season 4, he retires and wants to spend time with his beloved, but is forced to solve another crime related to a rich girl — Bill Pullman.
  • Cora Tannetti — a young mother who is annoyed by her husband’s close relationship with his mother; tries not to attach any importance to this; runs a family business; on the beach, in front of her son and husband, she stabbed a stranger dozens of stabs when she saw him hugging his girlfriend; killing the unknown, Cora said that now she is safe — Jessica Biel.
  • Jamie Burns — works at the school; Jamie has problems after he learns that he allowed the student to write her own testimonial; recalls a college friend known for his strange love of madness, decides to meet with him, which ends in a car accident, where a friend dies — Matt Bomer.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Jessica Biel has been nominated for Best Actress four times, but never received it. Now she has a different surname, because before filming she married the famous pop singer Justin Timberlake. At the end of filming, the actress found out about pregnancy, and before the release of season 2, in which her character was no longer there, she gave birth.
  2. Matt Bomer, in parallel with the project “The Sinner”, was occasionally filmed in the series “Doom Patrol“, where his character Larry Trainor is gay and works as a pilot. Mostly Bomer is shown in flashbacks of the character, as in the real Larry is played by another actor. Bomer is gay, so the producers asked him to play this role.
  3. Originally the TV series “The Sinner” was created as a mini-series, consisting of 8 episodes. There was no talk of any continuation exactly until the premiere of the 1st episode took place. As a result, the whole season was warmly received by the audience, reviews from film critics were also positive. The creators of the picture thought about season 2, after which several more seasons were released.

The Sinner Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1closed
5x02Series 2closed
5x03Series 3closed
5x04Series 4closed
5x05Series 5closed
5x06Series 6closed
5x07Series 7closed
5x08Series 8closed

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