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A world without adults. Only teenagers, hungry for power and do not know feelings of gratitude. For unknown reasons, they were in the exact copy of the city in which they used to live. There are no parents, no grandparents, so they have to cope with all the difficulties on their own. In addition to choosing a leader from the remaining people, there is another problem. They do not have the most important thing – food.

When will the series “The Society season 2” come out?

The sequel to the mystical show “The Society” was originally scheduled for release in late 2020. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, filming had to be stopped. The project management decided to close the TV show.

Fantastic TV shows are most often watched by teenagers. The same as we see on the screen. Therefore, most of the spectators are people from 14 to 25 years.


Before the events of the series, these young talents studied, did not know the authorities, and did not particularly strive for it. There were other interests, because parents could provide their children with everything they needed. Later, the guys were put on a bus and brought to a completely empty city, in which there are no their parents, there are only empty houses where they used to live. Also, there is not the most necessary – food.

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It was necessary to choose a leader. Over the next 5 months, they became Allie. Trying to rule wisely, the girl always listened to the opinions of the other guys. But does it happen that absolutely everyone agrees with the opinion of their ruler? So here – there were enemies who decided to remove Ally from his post and impose their own rules on others.

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Frame from the series

The society of adolescents split into several camps – some believed in the impartiality of new mayors, others – they understood that they were frankly deceived. Periodically gathered groups of several people who were forced to get food. The guys were catching turkeys in a huge field, trying to catch fish. But some did not return from such expeditions…

At the end of season 1, Allie and her friends realize that the driver who brought them to this place by bus was involved. But what kind of person is this? There are only fragments of information about him, but they do not lead to anything intelligible. When other guys enter the business, you have to forget about this idea, because Allie becomes a captive, and her friends are too busy with the way of her rescue.

Early pregnancy, drug addiction, cruelty, betrayal – all this will have to face our heroes. But how will events unfold in season 2? Maybe Allie will repeatedly be able to take the lead in their own hands and punish their offenders? Or maybe she did not have long to remain locked up and wait for her fate, as a sentence?

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Actors and their roles

  • Allie Pressman – at the beginning of the series directs a community of teenagers who came to a copy of the city in which they once lived; Allie is kind, tries to act according to her conscience and thinks only about the welfare of the survivors, but not everyone is happy with this situation, and many are trying to compete with her in the struggle for power – Kathryn Newton.
  • Becca Gelb – in the beginning of the story became pregnant, in the last series of the 1st season gives birth to a girl from Sam Eliot; Becca is hot-tempered, vulnerable, stands on the side of Allie, loves Sam very much, although she often makes him unreasonable tantrums; very worried about the future of her newborn daughter, but tries not to show it to anyone except Sam – Gideon Adlon.
  • Sam Eliot – deaf-and-dumb guy of Becca, forced to speak gestures; always tries to soothe restless Becca, but he often fails to do it; grieved by Becca’s early pregnancy, but only because the world does not have the necessary conditions for keeping a child, and the adolescents themselves do not have the necessary knowledge about children — Sean Berdy.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Many directors have noticed Kathryn Newton even during the release of the series “Supernatural“, where the girl has repeatedly become the central figure of the story and brought many problems to the main characters. In the series “The Society” her character is completely different. And recently the movie “Pikachu” appeared on the screens, where she appeared at all in the image of a failed journalist.
  2. Given the intricacy of the plot, several people were invited to create the script: Christopher Keyser, Qui Nguyen, Anna Fishko etc. It is known that the creators plan to shoot at least 5 seasons, but the Netflix channel is ready to give its consent for each next season only if the previous one pays off.
  3. Yes, Sean Berdy is really deaf from birth. The guy is so talented that he taught Gideon Adlon to communicate with him for a couple of weeks. We must pay tribute to the girl – she with great zeal sought to learn the language of the deaf and diligently treated everything that offers her Sean. Thus, the guys had 2 weeks to begin to understand each other without notes – only with gestures.

The Society Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1canceled
2x02Series 2canceled
2x03Series 3canceled
2x04Series 4canceled
2x05Series 5canceled
2x06Series 6canceled
2x07Series 7canceled
2x08Series 8canceled
2x09Series 9canceled
2x10Series 10canceled

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