The Strain season 5

In July 2014, the American channel “FX” launched a new drama series based on the eponymous series of books by Guillermo del Toro and Chaka Hogan.

When will “The Strain season 5” be realised?

The first season was released in 2014. From the very beginning it was clear that all three books would be screened. But Del Toro himself insisted that the first two seasons correspond to the first novel.

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But the “Eternal night” was decided to be divided into another 2 seasons in order to preserve the dynamics of the narration. Thus, the entire channel has released four seasons of the “Strain”.

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The premiere of the final part took place in July 2017 and the last episode was shown in September 2017. Continuation to shoot is not planned, and this means that season 5 of the series “Strain” – will not.

Interesting facts and creation

American writer, screenwriter and director Guillermo del Toro originally intended to create a television version of “The Strain”, but not finding financial support, decided to release a series of books.

Then the co-author Chuck Hogan joined the writing, as Guillermo did not like writing long stories, specializing in short stories and scripts.

The first volume was published in 2009 under the name “The Strain”, the second “Sunset” in 2010 and the third “Eternal Night” in 2011. After the sale of the first book, the authors received a lot of proposals from the TV showers with the proposal to remove the adaptation.

However, the co-authors did not dare to produce until the completion of the trilogy. Even then it was decided that the show would receive at least three and a maximum of five seasons, in the end they turned out four.

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By the decision of Guillermo del Toro, the first and second books were screened in two seasons, and the third volume was uncovered for the third and fourth.

The filming process took place in Canada (Toronto), in the same place Guillermo filmed, his film “Pacific Frontier”, the example of the sequel which awaits the whole world. After a successful first season, FX announced the filming of all the episodes, including the final, saying that the channel spent 500,000 dollars on creating various kinds of monsters.

What will end the series The Strain

The fourth season turned out to be even grimmer than the rest, throughout the series there was an atmosphere of even greater hell that came as a result of the earthly apocalypse at the end of season 3.

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After the atomic explosion, nuclear winter came on the Earth, so the Strigoi adapted to move and hunt people in the afternoon, and their Master established a new blood order.

The main ghoul and his supporters create a certain company called “Partnership”, so most of the surviving people began to work for vampires.

It seems that there is absolutely no way out, staying loyal has a chance to go into food, but grouping of brave heroes will still manage to restore human domination on the planet, only at what price, so that we do not spoil even more, see the final series of The Strain.

The Strain season 5 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1closed
5x02Series 2closed
5x03Series 3closed
5x04Series 4closed
5x05Series 5closed
5x06Series 6closed
5x07Series 7closed
5x08Series 8closed
5x09Series 9closed
5x10Series 10closed


The Strain season 5 official trailer

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