The Terror Season 3


The plot of the series revolves around real stories that happened to people in the recent past. The events are told from the point of view of the scriptwriters, and carry only part of the fiction mixed with mythology. Only the audience can figure out if such a story really happened and what caused the total human fright?

When will “The Terror Season 3” series be released?

Horrific stories that have happened to people will be interesting to viewers at all times. And when the end becomes unexpected, as in “The Terror”, then success is guaranteed!

The audience accepted the first season superbly, which cannot be said about the second one, which turned out to be so disastrous that the fate of season 3 was in question. As a result, critics are confident that there will still be a continuation of the TV show, but not earlier than 2021.

Since “The Walking Dead” project will soon end, the channel’s management was seriously concerned about their subsequent ratings. Great hopes were pinned on the show “The Terror”. What will happen next with the project?


In the season 1, we are talking about a team that later became known as the Franklin Expedition. In 1847, they set sail to try to find the northwestern passage of the Arctic. Almost immediately, it becomes clear that few of the team will be able to stay alive and sail back home.

Instead of a welcome passage, the expedition discovers a predator that looks like a huge polar bear. Throughout the series, the creature pursues the team and gradually drives one crew member crazy after another. In the end, the Franklin Expedition becomes unsuccessful, and none of the relatives have ever met their relatives.

The action of the season 2 takes place about 100 years after the above events. During the Second World War, Southern California organized a camp where Japanese prisoners of war lived. At first, people lived peacefully, but the longer they stayed there, the more inexplicable events happened to them.

TV series “The Terror”

No one could find a logical explanation for what was happening. Then Chester Nakayama decided to pursue an unknown creature who commits strange atrocities. As a military photographer, Chester accidentally realizes the danger that threatens his fellow countrymen. But Nakayama will not allow the monster to kill all members of the Japanese diaspora.

Unlike most modern TV shows, “The Terror” never implies that the end will be optimistic. Quite the contrary – from the first episodes, it becomes clear that the main characters have no chance to fight evil creatures. Maybe season 3 will provide us with a happy ending and save us from sad thoughts?

Actors and their roles

  • Sir John Franklin – the protagonist of the season 1, one of the captains of the expedition, whose name it will be named later – Ciaran Hinds.
  • James Fitzjames – one of the heroes of the season 1, is also considered the captain of the expedition – Tobias Menzies.
  • Chester Nakayama – the main character of the season 2, a Japanese photographer who used to work in the war; he tries to confront the monster that kills his fellow countrymen, in the end he suffers a tragic defeat; Chester does not have supernatural powers, but is looking for someone who can help him – Derek Mio.

Interesting Facts

  1. On aggregator sites, both seasons of the series have frantic ratings that exceed even “The Walking Dead” rating. On the official website of “Rotten Tomatoes” – more than 92% of favorable reviews, and on the “Metacritic” dozens of excellent reviews, most of which are positive for a total of 76 points.
  2. Both seasons were filmed on books only, but with a change in the ending. Books belong to different authors. Screenwriters decided that an alternative end would be the best option for the viewer. It is known that the season 3 will also be based on the book, but its name has not yet been disclosed.
  3. The first season was almost completely shot in a huge pavilion, and only one ship was used for the scenery. Without departing from the plan, the season 2 was also filmed in the pavilion, except for scenes where the main character wanders through a huge barn.
  4. In fact, Derek Mio really does not like to appear in television shows with a military theme. Even the thought that his fellow countrymen gave their lives so that completely different people live now, drives the actor crazy. Twice the directors invited him to the casting, and only a month later Derek agreed to participate in the project.
  5. The audience really wanted to see Tobias Menzies next season. But since each season is a separate story, the heroes from the 1st season should not be there. There was hope that the creators of “The Terror” will take as a basis the project “American Horror Story“, where they return their favorite characters, but in a different role.

The Terror Season 3: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 12021
3x02Series 22021
3x03Series 32021
3x04Series 42021
3x05Series 52021
3x06Series 62021
3x07Series 72021
3x08Series 82021
3x09Series 92021
3x10Series 102021

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