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Sam’s son died a few years ago. This did not happen in the easiest way, if death could be easy at all. Heartbroken father travels every year to the place in the river where the boy’s body was found. One day, he notices a strange girl in this place who is trying to hang herself. The attempt to save her turned into a real disaster for Sam.

“The Third Day ss 2”: release date, announcement

Little is known about the season 2 of “The Third Day” TV series, including new episodes. Jude Law is ready to take part in the next season, but producers are in no hurry to take on production.

At the time of December 2021, filming had not begun. Most likely, new episodes of the TV show “The Third Day” will not be released. And we just have to wait and follow the news.


The girl’s name was Epona. “A strange name for a child, but what’s the difference ?! Now is the time to take her home” – these were the thoughts of Sam after he saved the girl from certain death. Deciding to take her home, he postponed his business and went through the dam, which was almost always in a flooded state.

Arriving at Epona’s residence, Sam immediately suspected that something was wrong. Local residents were preparing for the carnival. This surprised the man, because the population was only 93 people. Instead of the parental home, the girl took Sam to other people who always helped her. While Sam was spending time with them, the dam flooded.

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The main character had to stay with the locals while his wife was forced to resolve issues related to the family business alone. The holiday of the locals was a success, and painful memories began to come to Sam’s mind, which are something between reality and his imagination.

Frame from the TV show

He tries to figure out what is true and what is not. The rituals of local residents frighten him when it becomes known that they are all somehow connected with the murder of Sam’s son. He finds newspaper clippings about the accident. They are constantly talking about God and praying, conducting sessions of worship.

Unexplained things begin to happen, and then Sam realizes – he needs to get together and find out how all these people were related to the tragedy. Now it has become a top priority for him. But will he be able to do this when there are people who can take his life in a short time? After all, this place is not so simple.

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Sam is attacked by unknown persons in masks, and then Mr. and Mrs. Martin claim that they were children, although Sam saw the opposite. Then Epona’s father, screaming about his dead daughter, tries to kill Sam, but Epona turns out to be alive! What’s going on here? What other secrets did Sam not have time to unravel? ..

Actors and their roles

  • Sam – a heartbroken father whose son died under dire circumstances; cannot accept the loss and every year travels to the place of the tragedy to release emotions; one day he finds a girl in a noose and so fate brings him to an island where inexplicable things are happening – Jude Law.
  • Jess – a mysterious girl who came to the settlement to attend a local festival; loves local traditions, is fond of history; suffers from prolonged depression; worries after a night spent with Sam that her husband finds out about the betrayal and forbids her to see the children – Katherine Waterston.
  • Epona – left her place of residence to attempt suicide, but was eventually rescued by Sam and brought back; terribly afraid of her father, who drinks too much and does not spare the girl, generously showering her with blows – Jessie Ross.
  • Mrs. Martin – an obese woman who constantly rebukes her husband; obscenely calls him names, but treats Epona with love, protecting her from the wrath of her father, who loves to beat his child – Emily Watson.
  • Mr. Martin – constantly smiles, never rude to his wife in return, often talks about God and prayer – Paddy Considine.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In Jude Law’s career, most of the roles fall on a certain handsome man, which he is in life. In the TV series “The Third Day” he was so thoroughly introduced into the image of a stranger to himself that even close people noticed changes in his behavior. On the Late Night Show, the actor said that he himself rethought the value of family and life.
  2. In recent years, Paddy Considine has not had time to grow hair, as his roles require him to have a short haircut. In ordinary life, his hair is much longer, and if Paddy does not act in films for a long time, he allows himself not to visit the hairdresser for months.
  3. Jessie Ross is rarely seen on television. Her first film was The Frankenstein Chronicles in 2015, and The Third Day, which premiered in its first season in late 2020, is considered her fourth work. The girl rarely attends auditions, preferring to engage in accounting. She likes to work on a regular schedule.

The Third Day Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced

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