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Grace is a rich and successful woman. In her life, everything is going as well as possible. A wonderful son, a loving husband, a good job – everything in this tale was beautiful. But one day, literally a few days before the release of her book on trusting relationships with men, she falls into a terrible story. Her husband is accused of brutal murder. The evidence is clear, and now she does not know how to live on…

“The Undoing ss 2”: release date, announcement

We would like to believe that we will see Nicole Kidman on our screens, but so far no official confirmation of the release of the sequel to the TV show “The Undoing” has been announced. Currently, the actress is involved in many projects and it is not known which of them she will give preference to.


The show begins by showing Grace’s personal life. The husband is quite caring, decent. Jonathan has successfully built a career in oncology. And even though he constantly has to face death, he does not give up his hard work. Jonathan sometimes even argues with patients for $ 10, promising that they will survive. He seems to be a very good doctor, experienced, cordial and helpful.

Grace herself works as a family therapist. Making an appointment with her is quite difficult, and her services are expensive. However, there is no end to customers. One day after work, she came to a meeting where mothers of students in the same class with her son gathered. Grace meets a girl who came with a baby. She did not take her eyes off Grace, and then began to breastfeed in front of everyone.

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Everyone at the table was taken aback, but tried not to show it. After this meeting, Grace once again ran into a young mother in the gym, and later at a banquet where Grace was invited with her husband. Jonathan had to leave early that day – he got a call from work and learned that a patient had complications, who later, unfortunately, died.

Frame from the TV show

Then Grace saw the same girl again, crying in the toilet. Trying to calm her down, the woman walked her to the elevator, but she was inconsolable. But what to do – life goes on as usual, and the next day Grace, as if nothing had happened, went to work.

During her psychotherapy session, Grace received an urgent message on her phone. It said that the young mother died after a severe beating that evening when she left the banquet. Surprised, the woman did not know what to think. How this could have happened is unknown. But what was most surprising was that her own child found her. And the first suspect was Jonathan.

Dark times have come for the Grace family. They had to defend themselves against paparazzi attacks, try to avoid punishment, and also live under the gun of cameras that look in the face every second. Will they be able to pass this test? Does a wife have the strength to believe a husband who cannot refute a single piece of evidence presented by the court?

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Actors and their roles

  • Grace – the mother of a schoolboy begging a dog from his parents; a successful psychologist with a large income; dreams of leaving New York for the suburbs, but her husband constantly finds new excuses for her; becomes the object of gossip after her husband was accused of murdering a woman whose child went to the same school with her child, Nicole Kidman.
  • Jonathan – Grace’s husband; a successful oncologist who loves his job; painfully perceives the death of his patients; never forgets to compliment his wife, while often hinting at dirty sex; often leaves for work in the evening, since his work does not require delay; accused of the death of a young woman – Hugh Grant.

Interesting Facts

  1. Many members of the TV show “Big Little Lies” are now working on this project. Nicole Kidman was therefore invited to play the lead role in the TV series “The Undoing”. Writer David E. Kelley got into the second project thanks to the actress’s recommendations. The rest of the workers were invited at the discretion of the producers.
  2. It took a lot of effort to invite Hugh Grant to the TV project. The actor did not want to star in this show, because he does not like working for several episodes. Hugh is a family man who does not like to leave his own home, and to work on the TV series “The Undoing” he had to leave his home for 3 months. After several attempts to make Grant the face of the show, the producers received a welcome agreement.
  3. The first episodes of season 1 were received incredibly poorly. From the start, viewers were convinced that the end was predictable. But what happened from episode 3 to the end of the season was incredible – no one expected this. The show’s ratings have risen thanks to the denouement and the intricate plot that surrounds the picture until the very end.
  4. For the role in the TV series “Big Little Lies” Nicole Kidman had to repaint her in red. According to the script, on the show “The Undoing” her character is supposed to wear blonde hair, but Kidman suggested that the director try that color for her character. So Grace became red-haired, which did not spoil her image at all.
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The Undoing Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced

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