The Walking Dead season 9

The most popular series about the zombie apocalypse has already reached the ninth season. As the creators of the show say, this is not the limit.

Release date tv series The Walking Dead season 9 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – October 7, 2018.

To shoot, of course, will find that, because the show takes the basis of the original comic book, written earlier.

What will happen in season 9 of Walking Dead?

In the new season, they promise a “blood bath”, at least in the first series. Of course, season 8 ended on a positive, but not a definite note.

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The Walking Dead season 9

Recall that Alexandria, led by Rick opposed Nagan and his saviors. I stumbled upon the betrayal and the proceeds of unexpected allies. What awaits the viewer in the ninth season of the show?

The most suitable options for the development of events:

  • The whole season will be dedicated to the struggle between savior and Alexandria;
  • Maggie will have a baby. Possible variant and miscarriage, but it will be very tough. Although the series has proved itself in this respect quite specifically;
  • Rick will fully recover and begin an active fight against Nigan;
  • Eugene betrays the saviors and returns to the camp;
  • The viewer will finally see the grown-up Judith;
  • The creators will begin to develop the line between Carol and Deryl;
  • Dwight will move to the side of Alexandria;
  • Someone from the basic structure will die or rise again.
  • “Walking Dead” from the pilot series have proven themselves in the genre of drama and horror. Therefore, we should expect unpredictable turns.
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Recall that the events of the eighth season almost completely knocked out of Rick’s rut. At the beginning of the season, they collided with Nigan and his team, known as “Savior”. As a result, Glen and Abraham were brutally murdered.

In the eighth season, many secondary characters also died. Eugene became a member of the gang of Nigan, Sasha died, and Maggie got ready to take revenge.

By the end of the season, and pulling up and Carol, who decided to retire and settle alone.

Fans of the series crave the premiere of the 9th season. The fate of Nygan and the team fighting on the side of Alexandria is quite intriguing, against the backdrop of all previous seasons, shocking viewers with numerous deaths.

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The Walking Dead season 9 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
9x01Series 1October 7, 2018
9x02Series 2October 14, 2018
9x03Series 3October 21, 2018
9x04Series 4October 28, 2018
9x05Series 5November 4, 2018
9x06Series 6November 11, 2018
9x07Series 7November 18, 2018
9x08Series 8November 25, 2018
9x09Series 9December 2, 2018
9x10Series 10December 9, 2018

The Walking Dead Trailer

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