The Walking Dead Season 11


A group of Whisperers still keeps the protagonists at bay. Carol, Maggie, Michonne – each of them lost close members of the team. Confidence is undermined, and now everyone is waiting for a stab in the back from a best friend. What will surprise the audience next season and can we see Rick Grimes alive?

When will the series “The Walking Dead Season 11” be released?

Since season 9, the creators constantly scare fans that there will be no sequel. But in the end, the TV show was renewed for the next season. However, it’s time for us to say goodbye to our favorite characters, because Season 11 will be the final. The continuation of the post-apocalyptic show “The Walking Dead” will take place on August 22, 2021. The information is official.

p.s. Representatives of the AMC channel, which are showing the TV series, have officially announced the postponement of the premiere from October 2020 to the 2021/2022 season. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a bit again.


What can life be like in post-apocalypse conditions? Our heroes know this firsthand, because for several years now they have been adjoining from community to community and can not find their place. Previously, they were all simple people with difficult lives, but the invasion of deadly zombies that inspire horror changed them forever.

Joining together in a small group led by former cop Rick Grimes, people moved around the country in search of a better place to live. But wherever they fall, trouble awaits them everywhere. By the beginning of season 9, everything fell into place. But the unexpected death of Rick knocked down the group, forcing its members to split.

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After that, Michonne, the girlfriend of Rick, decided to seriously look for him. Everything indicated the death of Grimes, but his body was never found. Derek also could not accept the loss of his best friend, so he helped Michonne in his search. Rick left a little daughter, who inherited many traits of his character. Now she is under the protection of Michonne.

Frame from the series

In the end, Derek, Michonne and other communities had to face a new threat in the face of the Whisperers. The killers believed that the surviving people needed to adapt to the walking people, since this method is the only right one for survival. Michonne, Maggie and Carol did not agree, for which they paid the lives of loved ones.

The hardest hit was Carol, who saw firsthand the head of her own son, attached to the spear. Having changed his attitude to what is happening, Carol decides to deal with the offenders with her own hands. But members of other groups are ready to help her, because each of them lost someone in this unequal battle.

So far, the victory is on the side of the Whisperers, but how long can they maintain their superiority? As soon as the community representatives can resolve their differences, the Whisperers will be in great trouble. Michonne along with her friends is ready to fight back people who will not stop at nothing…

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Actors and their roles

  • Carol – got into Rick’s group with her husband and daughter, but within a short time lost both of them; a meek woman gradually turned into a strong warrior and Carol even tried to live alone, but in the end she again joined the group of Rick – Melissa McBride.
  • Deryl – quick-tempered, but reasonable, always has his own opinion; he is the best friend of Carol and Michonne; does not like empty talk; prefers to kill people, rather than invite them to his group – Norman Reedus.
  •  Negan – for several seasons he was the main antagonist and enemy of Rick, although later he became very attached to his children and regretted the death of his eldest son; as a result, repeatedly saved the daughter of Rick from imminent death – Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
  • Michonne – Rick’s ex-girlfriend; she is deeply worried about his loss and cannot admit that he is dead, because the body was never found; raises his daughter – Danai Gurira.

Interesting Facts

  1. Many viewers are eagerly awaiting the return of Andrew Lincoln on the screens, but the actor is categorically against his further participation in the series. He was so tired of spending time away from his family that even the high fees could not change his mind.
  2. According to the writers, Melissa McBride will play the most significant role in the events of the 11th season. The information has not been officially confirmed, but viewers have been hoping for her love line with Derek for many years. Carol was so fond of fans that removing her from the series would be blasphemy.
  3. Derek’s dog is almost the only animal that is present in the series. They could not come up with a nickname for so long that Norman Reedus suggested calling him simply Dog. Thus, the hero shows that one cannot get used to anyone, especially animals, which are now one of the main livelihoods.
  4. Danai Gurira currently spends a lot of time on the set of the “Black Panther” project from the Marvel Film Studio, where she plays the head of Wakanda’s women’s special forces. It is known that her fee in “The Walking Dead” is not much more than in “Black Panther”. But Danai is a great actress and she knows the value of her talent.
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The Walking Dead Season 11: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
11x01Series 1August 22, 2021
11x02Series 2August 29, 2021
11x03Series 3September 5, 2021
11x04Series 4September 12, 2021
11x05Series 5September 19, 2021
11x06Series 6September 26, 2021
11x07Series 7October 3, 2021
11x08Series 8October 10, 2021
11x09Series 9October 17, 2021
11x10Series 10October 24, 2021
( No ratings yet )
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