The War of the Worlds (UK) Season 2


Amy never wanted to live in London for herself, but her relationship with George forced the girl to change her mind. Dublin, on her first visit, met Amy with gloomy weather. But, it seemed, nothing could overshadow the happiness of the young. Only a meteorite falling from the sky could shake the earth, while not only under the feet of the main characters…

When will the series “The War of the Worlds Season 2” be released?

The continuation of the fantastic series “The War of the Worlds” is not planned. The series was shot based on the novel of the same name by George Wells, which was written in 1897.

The novel was first filmed in 1953, a rock opera was staged in 1976, and in 2005, the famous Hollywood film director Steven Spielberg helped create a new full-length film adaptation, which is still popular today.


Events unfold at the beginning of the XX century. George and Amy are going through hard times, but both are eager to be with each other. George’s ex-wife, with whom he broke up before meeting with Amy, does not agree to divorce. The offended woman offers her ex-husband to wait for her death before he can be legally married to Amy.

The reason for the breakdown was the inability to have children from his wife. Now George has to live out of wedlock with Amy. But the man is very worried – this century does not mean living in sin, with a woman whom you cannot call your wife. Trying to give Amy all the best, George grabs at every opportunity.

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Amy herself is insanely happy. She was embarrassed by questions about marriage, and she was really tired of the nit-picking from acquaintances. But this does not stop her from enjoying family life. She works with a local professor on various abnormalities. Soon one of these phenomena occurs – a huge meteorite flies into the nearest forest…

The War Of The Worlds Season 2
Frame from the series

While studying it nature, Amy learns that the professor knew about the fall of the space inhabitant long before this day. The meteorite itself begins to change, and as a result, people understand how serious danger they face. Familiar friends die before their eyes, flashing for no apparent reason. And Amy and George almost lost each other due to an absurd accident.

The professor disappears, and George’s brother, Frederick, with whom he did not communicate in recent years, is now trying to find him. But life in England is not so rosy, because soon other meteorites arrive and people first begin to learn about life in other worlds. Will the inhabitants of the planet be able to fight back enemies? And are aliens really enemies of earthlings?

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Actors and their roles

  • Amy – lives with George, but does not have the opportunity to become his legal wife; she has a bright appearance, which becomes the object of ridicule for other women, including George’s ex-wife; Amy does research; she loves her dog, tries not to lose optimism even in a situation with alien enemies – Eleanor Tomlinson.
  • George – Amy’s lover; he is not shy about expressing his thoughts, so he was fired from the work of a journalist; until some time George did not communicate with his brother, since he dared to leave his first wife and leave home to build a family with Amy; values relationships and tries to make his girlfriend’s life cloudless – Rafe Spall.
  • Frederick – George’s brother; holds a good position; until some time he did not want to talk with his brother, but after his disappearance he changed his mind and set about searching for him – Rupert Graves.

Interesting Facts

  1. On the eve of filming, Rupert Graves accepted the offer to participate in the next season of “Sherlock”, where he plays a police detective. He had to divide the time between filming in two series.
  2. Eleanor Tomlinson had to wash off hair color and show the audience a natural shade of hair. The redhead that we see in the series is the real color of Eleanor.
  3. Instead of paint on the policeman’s hand, acrylic paint was used without hardener. To color the whole ball, it took more than 12 liters of black acrylic, which was hardly washed off the skin and was not completely washed off from clothes.
  4. For Ralph Spall, participation in the series was controversial for some time, since there were a lot of applicants in his place. As a result, the directors agreed that Spall is more suitable as a couple for Amy, who by that time had already been twice invited to the casting.
  5. The broadcast of the mini-series “War of the Worlds” is carried out only by the BBC channel, which bought all the rights. The premiere took place on October 6, 2019 and lasted until October 11. A total of 3 episodes were released lasting 60 minutes each. The ratings were overwhelming, but even this did not affect the decision of the creators not to continue shooting the 2nd season.
  6. After the release of the series, disputes began about the feasibility of raising such topics. The reason for this is that after the release of the radio version of the book, more than 6 people committed suicide. The events described in it seemed too real.
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The War of the Worlds (UK) Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not planned
2x02Series 2not planned
2x03Series 3not planned
2x04Series 4not planned
2x05Series 5not planned
2x06Series 6not planned
2x07Series 7not planned
2x08Series 8not planned

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