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1970s. Raised by his mother, John Winchester has seen a lot. He had just returned from the Vietnam War, lost a friend, and now, closing his eyes, he sees his bloody face. John accidentally meets a girl named Mary. She hunts demons and it seems to the guy that Mary is able to help him in search of his missing father, who sent him a message not so long ago…

“The Winchesters ss 2”: release date, announcement

The season 2 of the fantasy TV show “The Winchesters” has not been officially announced, but it is known that the producers of the TV series have planned to create a long-term project. Most likely, the premiere of new episodes will take place in the 2023, and filming will begin at the end of 2022. According to film critics, everything will become known very soon — fans should know that the return of their favorite characters is just around the corner.

p.s. Officially: the producers of the TV series “The Winchesters” announced the closure of the project. Unfortunately, its creators could not find a new network to broadcast the picture.

Recall that “The Winchesters” is a prequel to the recently ended TV show “Supernatural“, where Sam and Dean saved the planet from endless attacks from monsters.


Upon his return, John first found his mother, who guessed that his son went to Vietnam for a reason. He expected to find his father, but he simply disappeared. His father has not been seen since the day he left. But at home he had a beloved wife Millie and their son. A chance meeting between John and Mary changes a lot. The girl knows things that are impossible to understand, and she is able to help the guy in his search.

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Mary herself has also lost her father, whom she wants to find. By joining forces, the guys are trying to use their few tips. Both have amulets against possession, as well as a letter from John’s father, which suggests that he was a hunter. So is Samuel, Mary’s father. Supporters help them in their search. One of them, Latika, according to Mary, is not ready to do serious business and go on the attack on monsters.

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Carlos gives the impression of a bright personality. He had feelings for Mary, but in reality he had recently abandoned her in battle for his own life. The girl almost died, and he came to her a few months later with a complete lack of guilt. It’s a pity he didn’t know that Mary never forgives this and now can hardly stand his company.

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At the same time, Latika found an ally in Carlos, who did not turn away from her even at the most dangerous moment. The four of them decide to fight a demon that can help them in their quest. John is almost sure that the idea of ​​finding Mr. Winchester will be futile, because in the letter he received it was written that if it is in John’s hands, then Henry is already dead …

But Mary does not lose hope and willingly continues to look for clues. The guys manage to find Ada, the owner of the bookstore. She has been involved in the occult since ancient times and can tell a lot of interesting things about the family of Mary Campbell and John Winchester. Having freed Ada from the demon that has taken possession of her, they receive a guide to action…

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Millie tries to protect her son from an unwanted relationship with Mary. And the girl herself understands what it is to be a hunter. Mary had no choice. “I didn’t know how to walk yet, but they already put a knife in my hand and taught me how to defend myself,” is how she describes her childhood. But she has to give a choice to John, who can still safely deal with his mother’s auto repair shop…

Actors and their roles

  • John — a young soldier who recently returned from combat in Vietnam; tormented by remorse over the death of a friend who decided to protect him and rushed into battle, exploding on a grenade; dreams of learning more about his father, who even years later remained faithful to the family, but was never around — Drake Rodger.
  • Mary — from an early age hunts demons and various creatures that threaten humanity; believes that she had no choice and does not want to force John to live such a life; hates Carlos for leaving her to die, so Mary does not miss the opportunity to poke him with words that hurt; tries to find her father and helps John — Meg Donnelly.
  • Samuel — Mary’s father, it took a lot of time to find him, but the daughter was able to meet him again — Tom Welling.
  • Millie — John’s mother; all her life she loves only Henry, who left his family so that demons would not get to them; the woman guessed the reasons for his departure and is now trying with all her might to save John from the fate of the hunter; runs a small auto repair shop that she wants to leave to her son — Bianca Kajlich.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Actor Tom Welling, who played Mary’s father, starred in the fantasy TV show “Smallville” many years ago, where he played Clark Kent.
  2. Robbie Thompson and Eric Kripke are back as writers. Previously, they had already worked on the script for the TV series “Supernatural”.
  3. Jensen Ackles, who played Dean in the main series, returned to his former role, but became a cameo character who talks about his parents from his point of view. The actor also became the producer of the project together with his wife Danneel.
  4. The first season of the picture received average ratings, which are kept at around 6.6 points. And the number of viewers as a result did not exceed 1 million people. Despite this, the producers of the project took up the development of the season 2.
  5. Filming of the pilot episode took place in April 2022. The remaining episodes were filmed from July to December 2022. The main locations were chosen in New Orleans.

The Winchesters Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1project closed
2x02Series 2project closed
2x03Series 3project closed
2x04Series 4project closed
2x05Series 5project closed
2x06Series 6project closed
2x07Series 7project closed
2x08Series 8project closed
2x09Series 9project closed
2x10Series 10project closed

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