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Geralt of Rivia again amazes people and other living beings with its witcher skills. Once meeting Jaskier, Geralt became very famous, because few people had heard the songs of the bard praising the invincible hero. The battle for Cintra is just ahead, and now Geralt needs to follow his mission and wait for the right hour…

When will the series “The Witcher Season 3” be released?

The sequel to the fantasy series The Witcher may appear in 2022, as deafening fame goes ahead of the picture. The actors have already managed to feel the taste of the popularity that hit them after the release of the season 1.


By fate, Geralt was left without a mother early. From childhood, he was taught endurance, courage, and he was also told how to deal with monsters. This should be the way of the witcher, because without knowledge it will not work to kill a monster, and therefore there will be no means of subsistence. Keeping steel calm, Geralt absorbed the maximum of skills and strength.

Unlike the self-similar, Geralt strictly respected the witcher’s code and never violated it. He did not undertake matters that could undermine his reputation. And it was not the opinion of others, but the principles of Geralt himself. Having once been at a feast at Queen Calanthe, he decided to intervene in the argument. As a result, Cirilla, the granddaughter of the Queen of Cintra, became his destination.

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This is the main plot of the series. A few years later, Geralt realizes that there is no way to leave the destination. But at this time his life becomes much more complicated, and the one that dreams him every night appears. By this time, Yennefer firmly stuck in his head and she did not let him think about anything else. And Geralt did not get out of the head of the sorceress.

The main characters of the series

Passionate relationships with each other led to the fact that Ciri became for them something like a child. Differing from others in everything, Geralt and Yennefer were even able to excel. Geralt defended the girl everywhere, and Yennefer taught her such sorcery that other sorcerers could not even dream of. But fate was not supportive of the trinity – detractors were still looking for Ciri.

How to fulfill the mission, stay alive and at the same time save love between each other? The series tells how difficult it is for those who are perceived in society by patterns. Yennefer is not loved by her sorceresses, because they know her only from a bad side. Geralt is not loved because the witches devalued their existence. And Ciri is judged by the actions of her grandmother.

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Many more adventures await them, most of which are described in Sapkowski’s books. This is not the first film adaptation, but rightfully – the most successful and most expensive. Ahead of us is waiting for a lot of interesting things, but for now it remains only to guess how the scriptwriters will unfold the events of the season 3…

Actors and roles

  • Geralt – tells everyone that he is from Rivia, in fact, he just likes how it sounds; he was early left by his mother on the threshold of a shelter for witch-boys, in the end he met his mother, although he had no desire to communicate with her; is a constant companion of Ciri, since the girl is his destination – Henry Cavill.
  • Cirilla / Ciri – the granddaughter of Calanthe, Queen of Cintra, killed during the rebellion; Ciri was able to hide, but in the end Geralt found her; she hid in a monastery for a long time, where Yennefer taught her witchcraft; Ciri is a deft, bold, reckless, but very kind girl, attached to Geralt and practically considers him her father – Freya Allan.
  • Yennefer – born with defects, she had a hump, problems with facial nerves, as a result, her father sold her and she fell into the hands of sorceresses; Yennefer was able to learn witchcraft, and giving her own opportunity to have children, she was able to acquire a beautiful appearance; now more than anything she wants to cure her infertility and is ready for any sacrifice – Anya Chalotra.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Until now, such a choice of actors remains unclear for many viewers, because for Anya Chalotra, in the role of Yennefer, people could not get used to even for the whole season. But Henry Cavill in the role of The Witcher looks very harmonious and is not even associated anymore with Superman. Recall that in the DC universe, Cavill has been playing Superman for the past few years.
  2. After the release of season 1, Freya Allan received “the most popular young actress” award, which she was awarded in 2020. As for other actors, some received several awards, because the picture was repeatedly recognized as the best in many categories. Some actors were bypassed, who, judging by the book, will prove themselves in the next seasons.
  3. There is a Polish film adaptation of the book, which the audience considered a failure and erased from memory. But the current series is reviewed with great pleasure, as evidenced by the insane ratings. The film crew did not expect such an effect from the creation of the series, although fabulous sums were invested in the project.

The Witcher Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 12022
3x02Series 22022
3x03Series 32022
3x04Series 42022
3x05Series 52022
3x06Series 62022
3x07Series 72022
3x08Series 82022

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