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Life can bring people surprises for which they are not ready. It happened with three relatives: Kate, Kevin and Randall get along very well, but each of them has serious problems in their personal lives. Will season 5 help to solve at least some of them or is it too late to do something?

When will the series “This is us 5 season” be released?

The continuation of the multi-part film “This is Us” will appear on TV screens on November 10, 2020. Back in 2018, it was announced that the series was extended for 3 seasons, which allows us to conclude its unprecedented popularity.

Family dramas have always attracted attention, and the series “This Is Us” perfectly shows the personal lives of people who try to solve their own problems day after day.


Kate moves with great difficulty. Her weight has long exceeded 150 kg, but the woman still has not been able to cope with gluttony. Sliding on the scales, Kate dislocated her leg, and when she herself could not get up, she realized that it was urgent to take action. She went to a support group for overweight people, where she decided to try her luck.

Her brother Kevin is the on-screen TV star of the “Manny” series, in which Kevin is required to walk with a naked torso according to the script. By the age of 36, the guy understands how stupid he looks, and in the end decides to quit shooting. Career is ruined, because on the last working day Kevin allowed himself to arrange an incredible tantrum. And now no one wants to work with him.

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Randall is the adoptive brother of Kate and Kevin. Even in infancy, his father threw the child to the fire department, after which Randall was adopted by Kevin and Kate’s parents. As a result, the three guys grew up friendly and still communicate with each other. That’s just Randall is concerned about finding a real father, because he still can not understand why he was abandoned.

This Is Us 3
Frame from the series

Having paid a considerable amount, Randall finds a parent. It turns out to be a lone elderly man who lives in a poor quarter and will soon die of cancer. Tormented by the unknown, Randall decides to help his father, but is this help really necessary? Maybe the father just wants to get some money from his new son and his family?

These are not all the stories of the main characters that will be shown to the audience. An interesting fact remains that the main characters of the series have a birthday on the same day – Kate, Kevin and Randall and their father always celebrated the holiday together. While they are trying to cope with their problems, the audience wonders if Kate can lose weight, why Kevin is not appreciated as an actor, and why does Randall have all his wealth when he is deeply unhappy in his soul?

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The series covers the problems of family values, relationships in society, and gives some people a chance to look at themselves from the side. Sometimes our actions may seem extremely cruel to others, but they were committed out of good intentions. This is not always possible to understand, so people are encouraged to talk to each other more often…

Actors and their roles

  • Kate – works as an assistant; she is preoccupied with being overweight; Kate goes to a support group, where she meets a man she likes – Chrissy Metz.
  • Kevin – the brother of Kate and Randall; he worked at a television studio, but realizing his own worthlessness, he decided to leave the project, while leaving behind a real stir; Kevin often goes to his sister for help; he loves Randall’s children – Justin Hartley.
  • Randall – a black guy; he was adopted by the parents of Kate and Kevin; Randall built a huge business, bringing him a steady income, found his own father, and then decided to offer him his help; he is very offended by the parent, but cannot refuse to help him – Sterling K. Brown.
  • William Hill – in his youth suffered from drug addiction; while intoxicated, William left little Randall at the fire department, which he does not even remember; 36 years later he was found by Randall and was even able to beg forgiveness, but it turned out that he had completely different motives on his mind and he did not need a son – Ron Cephas Jones.
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Interesting Facts

  1. After the release of the 3rd season, the series was automatically extended for 3 seasons ahead. So the audience was saved from the opportunity to guess about the coveted continuation of the project.
  2. Ron Cephas Jones is a guest actor. When all the characters have already turned into real people, Hill did not have an actor. I had to urgently choose who could participate in the filming in the near future. William’s airtime in the first season took a total of 2 hours.
  3. Some of the stories told were taken from real life. For example, the death of one of the triplets and the custody of an African-American boy thrown under the fire department is a story that one of the scriptwriters faced.
  4. Chrissy Metz for the role had to gain weight. During the film, she does not lose much weight, because in real life she feels just fine and is not going to change anything.

This Is Us Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1November 10, 2020
5x02Series 2November 17, 2020
5x03Series 3November 24, 2020
5x04Series 4December 1, 2020
5x05Series 5December 8, 2020
5x06Series 6December 15, 2020
5x07Series 7December 22, 2020
5x08Series 8December 29, 2020
5x09Series 9January 5, 2020
5x10Series 10January 12, 2020

This Is Us: The Real-Life Partners Revealed

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