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Mark Cobden has been listed as a law-abiding American all his life, but cruel fate decided to treat him very harshly. An accidental mistake turned into a term in prison, and now Cobden spends his days regretting what he did. The wife does not want to have anything to do with him, does not even send news about his beloved son. In prison, Mark finds a friend — the guard Eric, who carries his own load…

“Time ss 2”: release date, announcement

A sequel to the three-part TV drama “Time” is not expected as Season 1 tells the story of the protagonists in full.

The creators, inspired by the idea of showing viewers life behind prison bars, decided to release a small TV show rather than a full-length film. Recently, this format has become popular.


The first days in captivity were terrible for Mark Cobden. Bernard, a cellmate, frightened him with scary stories about how he killed his father, and later even staged a massacre, as it helped him cope with panic attacks. Mark had to call the guards, who forced Bernard to order and put him out the door of the prison cell.

The rest of the prisoners found it difficult to get along with each other, and later this began to apply to Mark. Food was taken away from him, he was not allowed to communicate on the phone, and his requests were dismissive. And then Cobden realized: he urgently needed to take control of his own life, otherwise the new laws of his life would finally bring him to his knees. The time has come for decisive action.

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The wife did not want to have anything to do with Mark and did not allow him to communicate with Tom, their son. But the boy himself found a way out to his father. Arriving at his grandparents, Tom called and made an appointment with Mark. This gave his father a powerful impetus to deal with the difficulties of imprisonment. At this time, overseer Eric McNally becomes hostage to the situation created for him by the imprisoned criminal.

Frame from the TV show

Threatening reprisal for Daniel, the son of Eric, the prisoner wanted to force the overseer to help people like him. Trying to cope with the situation, Eric transfers his son to another prison, but this has long been known. Daniel has a hard time, because even inmates have their connections in different prisons. Eric succumbs to despair more and more, because it becomes impossible to help his son.

Eric and Mark have such different fates, but they still remain good people. Circumstances force them to be stronger, but natural humanity prevails whenever possible. Soon they begin to communicate and find in each other a solution to their problems. This helps them psychologically, and with renewed vigor to take on the tasks.

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But how will their stories end? Too many people are complicit in their troubles. Mark still sees the murdered guy in front of his eyes and cannot cope with the feeling of guilt. And Eric receives new threats against his son. Will their suffering end?

Actors and their roles

  • Mark — a former teacher; loved to abuse alcohol; once got drunk behind the wheel and knocked down a man to death, after which he was sentenced to 4 years; sees the ghost of his victim and is constantly tormented by feelings of guilt, he also recalls the words of the murdered man’s wife; considers his imprisonment a fair decision and does not oppose it — Sean Bean.
  • Eric — a prison guard whose son is in another prison; is threatened by prisoners, forcing Eric to help them, and in return, they will allow his son to serve his term in peace; is on good terms with Mark; loves a wife who refuses to iron his shirts; in a difficult relationship with his son — Stephen Graham.
  • Bernard — Mark’s first cellmate; was sentenced to 10 years for the unintentional murder of his father; suffered from panic attacks, which only violence helped him to cope with; cut himself with a blade; as a result, he collected the pills for several days and took them at one point, which caused cardiac arrest —Aneurin Barnard.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The actor Sean Bean has a huge number of film works. Despite this, viewers celebrate 2 of his most striking roles: Boromir from the series of films “The Lord of the Rings” and Eddard Stark from the world-famous TV show “Game of Thrones“. According to the actor, most of the films in which he took part end with the death of his character. Here’s a “bad rock”.
  2. Waltz Aneurin Barnard visited the community for a week, where people talked about their fears and panic attacks. Once he witnessed how a scarred man stopped an attack with a blade driven under his skin. Having shared the idea with the writers, the actor realized the episode in the 1st episode of the 1st season.
  3. Lewis Arnold became the sole director of the project. Previously, he worked on TV projects “Misfits”, “Dirty Money”, “Broadchurch”, “Cleaning Up”, “Banana”, etc. Arnold releases one project a year and never participates in films where several directors are hired. Lewis Arnold prefers to work alone and is strict with his choice of actors, sometimes making adjustments.

Time Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced

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