Timeless Season 3

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One of the best gangsters of history and a former NSA worker, Garcia Flynn, illegally seizes the time machine. He plans to return in 1930 with the stolen blimp of Edinburgh, but the government decides to intervene in insidious actions and directs his best team to stop the criminal.

When will the series Timeless Season 3 come out?

After long disputes and discussions between the project management and the NBC television channel, it was decided not to close the series for the 2nd season, but to extend it for an additional two-hour film. Thus, the final episode was shown to the audience on December 20, 2018. On this the existence of the series “Beyond Time” ended.


By capturing the thief, connect the Marine and the simply annoying man White Logan, the lecturer of the history of Lucy Preston and the captain, who in combination is the pilot of the time capsule, Rufus Karlin.

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timeless-3 (1)They must stop the atrocities prepared by Flynn. When Carlin learns that the first time travel will send all in 1937, then begins to express their dissatisfaction. Since he is an African American, he understands that in the past he will have a hard time, because to the black skin in those days was a slavish attitude. As the only member of the team who can manage the capsule, Rufus is forced to go on assignment with the rest of the crew.

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The whole essence of American democracy undergoes one defeat after another – in this Garcia tried. In pursuit of the villain, the crew will visit the uprising in Texas, learn the details of the murder of Abraham Lincoln and even with his own eyes will see the movement of the panther.

The third season tells of Lucy’s involvement in the relationship with the Rittenhouse. A couple of team mistakes and, veils – will have to correct their errors in the future.

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Actors and their roles

  • Garcia Finn – Horn Cherries. An American with Croatian roots. Participated in the filming of a video for Madonna. Famous among the American population. Throughout the world, he is known as Dr. Luki Kovacs from the TV series “Ambulance”
  • Rufus Carlin – Malcolm Barrett. Has an African-American appearance, born in Brooklyn. Graduated from the middle Manhattan school. Participated in the film “The Lord of the Storm”, which was later nominated for an Oscar, played a secondary character.
  • White Logan – Matt Lanter. Known for the parody of the movie “Twilight”, which was called “Vampire Zasos.” He played the leading role of Edward the vampire. For a long time he played the role of Liam Kurt in the television series “90210. New generation”.
  • Lucy Preston – Abigail Spencer. American, an actress and just beautiful. Since four years I have decided on my profession, expressing my desire to become an actress. She took a secondary role in the films “Cowboys Against Aliens”, “Live Later on Yourself”, “Conquerors of the Waves”.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Since in the first series the actor had a hard time in a close ship, after several series it was decided to replace the capsule with a wider one.
  2. According to producer Sean Williamson, the release date “Out of season 3 season” can be changed and postponed for a longer period, but on the official channel so far it is indicated on April 15, 2019.
  3. The girls who took part in the show complained that the corsets that they were wearing for the shooting were too restrictive for the movement. Abigail Spencer herself refused to wear such a structure, having fought off the director with a large number of skirts in the lining.

Timeless Season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1closed
3x02Series 2closed
3x03Series 3closed
3x04Series 4closed
3x05Series 5closed
3x06Series 6closed
3x07Series 7closed
3x08Series 8closed
3x09Series 9closed
3x10Series 10closed

Few moments from Filming

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