Titans season 2


Parents of the nine-year-old Dick Grayson worked as acrobats in the Hayley Circus. In one of the usual days they performed acrobatic stunts at a height, without insurance and suddenly fell down. Later, Dick learns that the death of his parents is not accidental – the head of the bandit group, to whom the chief of the circus owes a large sum, is guilty of everything. Left orphaned, he falls under the wing to the well-known in New York multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne.

When starts the TV series Titans season 2?

The release date for the sequel to the Titan series has not yet been disclosed. Perhaps this will happen in mid-2020. The viewer can only guess what time the premiere will be released. The plot was provided by the company DC Comics, together with Warner Brothers. The series will be released on The CW.


Wayne turns out to be not such a simple man as the others see him. As Grayson later learns, it is Bruce who is the famous Batman who cuts across the city in bat costume and delivers justice over crime.

nightwing-titans-2Both men lost their parents because of the bandits, which affected their further relationship. Dick grows, and at this time Bruce tries to teach him all the secret knowledge and skills that he himself possesses. Later, he makes Grayson his first Robin and chief assistant in the fight against evil.

In one of the battles with the Joker, Dick practically stumbles upon a crazy bullet, which frightens Batman frantically. In order not to put the life of a young man in danger, Batman no longer takes him with him on assignments, which greatly damages Dick.

The ways of the heroes involuntarily diverge, but Grayson is not going to just give up and plans to lead his own group of superheroes. Nightwing is now the new nickname of young Robin. Creating a team of superheroes, Dick has only one goal – to find the killer of his parents. Could a guy find the guilty? Who will enter the team and what kind of adventures await them? The viewer will receive answers to all questions after viewing.

When reviewing the first season, there were 2 heroes who took part in the team Nightwing, they were Yastreb and Raven.

Actors and their roles

  • Dick Grayson – Breiton Tweets. The Australian actor, after moving to Sydney, starred in the series “Home and on the road.” He played the main character in the remake of the Blue Lagoon. 2017 brought him the role of young Henry Turner in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean. The dead do not tell tales. “
  • Raven is Tigan Croft. Was filmed with Twets in the series “Home and the Way” in the role of Bella. At the moment, he is not the owner of awards or nominations. Let’s hope that the TV series “Titans” will bring her fame and a sea of ​​victories.
  • Hawk – Alan Riccson. Actor, model and singer. Played Aquamena in the series “Secrets of Smallville” and Bleak in the film “Hunger Games.” In his youth he worked part-time, taking pictures in advertising erotic lingerie. Since 2006 he is married and has three sons.

Interesting Facts

  1. The company Warner Brothers has so broadened its horizons in making films about superheroes that it plans to open a personal channel for the screening of fantastic TV shows.
  2. Initially, the series was broadcasted by the cable channel TNT. In 2014, as a result of prolonged friction and disagreement with the directors, the management of the channel refused this idea. I had to postpone the idea to the remote box for 3 years, until The CW expressed a desire to broadcast the picture.
  3. In the comics, Knighting is described as a man who wants to prove to everyone that he is better than Batman, and in the series, the emphasis is on finding the killer of his parents.

Titans season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1mid-2020
2x02Series 2mid-2020
2x03Series 3mid-2020
2x04Series 4mid-2020
2x05Series 5mid-2020
2x06Series 6mid-2020
2x07Series 7mid-2020
2x08Series 8mid-2020
2x09Series 9mid-2020
2x10Series 10mid-2020

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