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Nasa Yuzaki met her when he was 16 years old. He fell in love with her at first sight. And even though the day of their first meeting was sad, Nasa will never forget her tender look, kindness, or voice. The guy did not even have time to ask her name when she disappeared from his life as suddenly as she appeared. For two years he thought and dreamed about her. And then one day Tsukasa Tsukuyomi knocked on his door…

The genre is a romantic comedy.
Season 1 premiered on October 3, 2020 (12 episodes).
The original name of the anime is “Tonikaku Kawaii”.

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“Fly Me to the Moon ss 2”: release date, announcement

After the release of the season 1, the anime “Fly Me to the Moon” gained a crowd of fans. The audience liked the romantic story so much that they are no longer ready to part with the main characters. Officially, the continuation of the anime adaptation was not announced for a long time, and the audience wondered when the season 2 might come out. After all, the original source should be enough for a portion of new episodes.

In November 2021, it became known that work was underway on the season 2 of the series “Fly Me to the Moon”. At the moment, it is only known that the new episodes will be released in 2023 and there is no exact date. We continue to follow the news.


When the boy was born into the Yuzaki family, the parents were infinitely happy. The baby’s dad, looking at his little son, wished with great hope that he would become as big as space. And he came up with a name for him – Nasa. A strange comparison with the NASA space agency, but there is nothing to do – the name was written down in the documents. And, being very young, the boy did not understand the strange ridicule from children and some adults, but over time everything changed. Nasa Yuzaki decided to prove to everyone that he has such a grand name for a reason.

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Day after day, Nasa studied textbooks and books. He absorbed new knowledge, and did it with great pleasure. The boy turned into a self-confident high school student, and when Nasa decided to go to the best school at the institute, he knew that he would pass the exams the best. But our plans don’t always come true. There are unknown forces that can influence the chosen path. It happened to our hero.

Frame from the anime

On a late winter evening, under a snowfall, Nasa saw her – Tsukasa Tsukuyomi. A dream girl, a beauty, a stranger… He fell in love with her at first sight. Taking a step towards her, the guy is hit by a truck. And before getting to the hospital until spring, Nasa managed to snatch a promise from the girl: Tsukasa would date him, but on the condition that they get married. After these sweet words, they will part for 2 years. They will part to be together forever…

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Main characters

  • Nasa Yuzaki – an ordinary schoolboy, no different from others; smart, capable, self-confident guy; does not go to parents for advice, preferring to decide for himself; he is sure that he can handle all the tests, but the guy did not know what kind of life exam fate was preparing for him; on the eve of the exam, he was fascinated by a beautiful girl with whom he fell in love at first sight; looking at the beauty, he is hit by a truck; went to the service industry trying to meet Tsukasa again; lives separately from his parents.
  • Tsukasa Tsukuyomi – the girl who saved Nasa from death; agreed to marry him, but they disappear from each other’s life for a couple of years; Tsukasa is confident that she is good at understanding people, so she completely trusts Nasa; took the guy to the registry office at night; knows everything about NASA and space flights; loves her husband’s name.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The anime is based on the manga of the same name by Kenjiro Hata. The author became famous for the manga about a teenage butler “Hayate the Combat Butler”, which became popular around the world. Several anime series and films have been created based on this story.
  2. The manga “Fly Me to the Moon” was first published in February 2018 in Weekly Shōnen Sunday. As of October 2020, 13 volumes have been published.
  3. The anime was directed by Hiroshi Ikehata, who worked on projects such as “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann”, “Kill la Kill”, “Black Bullet” and others. Therefore, there was no doubt that the quality of the anime “Fly Me to the Moon “will be high.
  4. The protagonist Nasa Yuzaki is named after NASA, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Therefore, peers tease him as an astronaut.
  5. In 2019, the manga “Fly Me to the Moon” won the 5th Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Award in the “Print” category.

Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You Season 2 - release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12023
2x02Series 22023
2x03Series 32023
2x04Series 42023
2x05Series 52023
2x06Series 62023
2x07Series 72023
2x08Series 82023
2x09Series 92023
2x10Series 102023

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