Travelers season 3


Joint production of Canada and the US presented the audience a new sci-fi series “Travelers”, which premiered in October 2016 on the Canadian television channel Showcase and in December 2016 on the American television channel Netflix. After viewing the first season, viewers literally demanded a continuation, to which the creators of the series responded with the beginning of regular filming from February 2017. The premiere of the second season was in October 2017.

When will the series “Travelers Season 3” be released?

2018, according to the promises of the creators of the series, will not be an exception, and we will see another season on the TV screens. Most likely, it will be the end of 2018.

It remains to wait quite a bit …

The number of episodes is 24 (2 seasons).
Timing – 45 minutes.

The plot of the series

1 season

About a hundred years passed. Humanity has practically disappeared, and with this urgently you need to do something. Struggling with this problem, the remaining people find the only way out: to make the future go in a different scenario, it is necessary to make changes in the past and as quickly as possible. Survivors on the ground, finally, created the possibility of relocation of consciousness to our ancestors. For this experiment, the 21st century was chosen. The essence of the mission is as follows: First, it is necessary to find people from the past who are destined to die in the near future (after all, these data are known in the future); secondly, the consciousness of people from the future to project into bodies from the past. So, to fulfill this important task, several people are appointed: a seriously ill girl Marcy, a teenager-athlete Trevor, a single woman with a child Carly, a young guy-addict Philip and special agent FBI Grant. Now the main characters, by all means, should influence the key events of the past, which will not lead to the terrible dust in the future. But, wearing the “alien” consciousness, it is extremely difficult for selected people from the 21st century to continue living their usual life together with the oddities and incomprehensions that drive them mad.

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2 season

In this season, the main characters continue their attempts to correct life situations, leading to an inevitable catastrophe in the future. Each attempt to introduce their consciousness into their ancestors turns into a struggle, misunderstanding, disappointment and hope, so necessary for people from the future.
Main characters
Grant McLaren (actor Eric McCormack) – traveler No. 3468, the main member of the group, special agent of the FBI.
Marcy Warton (actress McKenzie Porter) – traveler No. 3569, a seriously ill girl.
Carly Shannon (actress Nesta Cooper) is a traveler No. 3465, a lonely woman with a child.
Trevor Holden (actor Jared Abrahamson) – traveler No. 0115, an adolescent-athlete.
Philip Pearson (actor Reilly Dolman) is a traveler No. 3226, a young addict boy.

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Interesting Facts

• Star of the series “Stargate” Amanda Tapping is not only a great actress, but also a director. So, the final series of the first season is her work.
• Actress Mackenzie Porter (the role of a seriously ill girl Marcy) is also a famous singer in Canada, and her brother Kalan won the Canadian Idol music show season 2 season.
• The protagonist of the series Eric McCormack sang American and Canadian anthems at the match of all NHL stars in 2014.
• In addition to his fine acting career, Mackenzie Porter is also a musician. She was part of the musical group The Black Boots, and then began her solo career, releasing her debut album in 2014.

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Travelers season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1Nov 23, 2018
3x02Series 2Nov 30, 2018
3x03Series 3Dec 7, 2018
3x04Series 4Dec 14, 2018
3x05Series 5Dec 21, 2018
3x06Series 6Dec 28, 2018
3x07Series 7Jan 4, 2019
3x08Series 8Jan 11, 2019
3x09Series 9Jan 18, 2019
3x10Series 10Jan 25, 2019
3x11Series 11Feb 1, 2019
3x12Series 12Feb 8, 2019
3x13Series 13Feb 15, 2019
3x14Series 14Feb 22, 2019
3x15Series 15Mar 1, 2019
3x16Series 16Mar 8, 2019
3x17Series 17Mar 15, 2019
3x18Series 18Mar 22, 2019
3x19Series 19Mar 29, 2019
3x20Series 20Apr 5, 2019

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