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Sci-fi show “Tribes of Europa” tells the story of micro-groups of people who have long been at odds with each other. In the center of the plot are several members of the same family who buried an entire tribe due to a small mistake. They will have to flee until they find worthy allies for themselves. But in a world that has half-rejected technology, it’s hard to find fighters for good…

“Tribes of Europa ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the German dystopian TV series “Tribes of Europa” has not yet been officially announced. And this is strange, because the season 1 showed very good ratings. It is worth noting that Netflix often launches such projects and almost all of them get the right to renew. Given the interest of the audience in the new product, it can be assumed that the season 2 will appear in 2024.


2074. Endless forest. Liv, Elja and Kiano have recently lost their mother. Now they live in the forest with their father, who is in charge here. Together with them — an insignificant group of people who survived the disaster. Any technical innovations are completely rejected here, all issues are resolved in the old fashioned way. The brothers dream of seeing a world where people use technology. Liv, on the other hand, wants to stay.

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One day, the guys notice a plane in the sky making an emergency landing. They are interested to see what happened to the pilot, but the young people decide to first ask their father for permission. Together with him, they go in search. Elja finds a pilot, whom Liv, despite the prohibitions, brings to their native tribe. The father is against it, because it can lead to the death of his people.

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Elja finds a glowing cube near a broken plane. After talking with the pilot, he learns that it contains a message that can help the survival of the people to which the pilot belongs. And the father sees a whole village of people killed and learns that this was done by a group of Crows, who are looking for a pilot. The father wants the stranger to leave his tribe.

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In the evening, a certain Varvara comes to the main characters with her people, brutally kills almost the entire tribe and performs a terrible reprisal against their father’s friend, cutting out his genitals for an unsuccessful joke. The woman is looking for a pilot who escaped a few minutes before the massacre. Liv and Kiano survived. An incredible feeling of guilt befell them, and the raging father added negative emotions.

Now they have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide, but there is a real opportunity to help humanity reunite. They are driven by disinterested motives that can pierce the soul of even the most callous person. But how to reach out to those whose meaning of life is war? Does Earth have a chance that its inhabitants will be reunited, and when might this happen?

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Actors and their roles

  • Liv — the oldest child in the family; hunts well; prefers to obey her father, but her oversight in bringing a wounded person to their tribe turned into death for everyone; loves brothers very much and is ready to do anything so that they do not suffer; honors the memory of the deceased mother and is guided by her words, but after the situation with the pilot she is cautious — Henriette Confurius.
  • Kiano — the middle child; the most daring and disobedient; often makes fun of Elja; was in love with a girl from their tribe, who was later killed by Crows before his eyes; wants to take revenge on traitors; loves everything new, adventures, acquaintances; trusting, resourceful guy — Emilio Sakraya.
  • Elja — the youngest child; supporter of technical progress; longs for an opportunity to help him learn more about the catastrophe that destroyed the world and divided it into microstates; good hunter; on the day of the death of the tribe, his initiation into adulthood was to take place — David Ali Rashed.
  • Varvara — warrior from the Crows tribe; famous for its love of cruelty; close to the king and justifies all his extravagant deeds; participates in robberies together with her group — Melika Foroutan.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The series premiered on 19 February 2021 on Netflix. And although many viewers by the end of the season were surprised that they did not understand anything, they still agreed with the desire to watch the sequel. Too deeply, the conflict of microstates is a thing of the past, but Elja, along with his brother and sister, will be able to find out the answers.
  2. “Tribes of Europa” was created by the same German team that worked on the three-season sci-fi show “Dark”. This project became the first original Netflix series in German. Will “Tribes of Europa” be able to repeat this success?
  3. After watching the first two episodes, viewers began a heated discussion on the network. The fact is that this picture reminded them of several projects at once: “The 100“, “The Hunger Games” and even “Mad Max”. However, the creators prepared surprises for the viewers to avoid any overlap with other TV shows. And the last episode, which ends at an exciting moment, suggests the continuation of the story. What will be next?

Tribes of Europa Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced

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