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The magical powers and superpowers of the main characters always attracted readers around the world. Manga “Trinity Seven” won the hearts of lovers of this genre with its ornate plot, vivid characters and interesting adventures of heroes. That is why the fans have been waiting for the moment when their favorite characters come to life and appear on the screen in the form of anime.

Genre – fantasy, romantic comedy.
Anime series appeared on the screens on October 8, 2014 based on the manga of the same name.
Anime film “Trinity Seven: The Eternal Library and the Alchemist Girl” was released on February 25, 2017.
Anime film “Trinity Seven: Heavens Library & Crimson Lord” – March 29, 2019.

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When will the anime film “Trinity Seven Part 3” be released?

The unprecedented success of the manga, which entailed not only the anime series, but also full-length films, suggests that fans are looking forward to new seasons. Directors, to the delight of fans, have not yet come up with the idea of ​​closing such a successful project. This means that a new season may be coming out. But in the meantime, unfortunately, there are no official statements on this topic. We continue to follow the news.


Arata Kasuga has always been considered an ordinary teenager. The boy grew up with his cousin Hijiri, who had been his best friend since childhood. Day after day, life went on calmly and happily until the moment when the Black Sun appeared… An ordinary day became a point of no return for the main character. The appearance in the sky of a black sun and a girl named Lilith will force Arata to open his eyes to the world around. The world that has changed through his fault.

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One day, the boy’s customary understanding of the life collapsed due to the Breakdown Phenomenon, behind which stood the magician-villain. Everything around was destroyed, and sister Arata disappeared. But before getting into another world, Hijiri has time to give his brother a grimoire.

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After all the events, Lilith Asami appears, a magician who was sent specifically to investigate the death of the city. The girl tells Arata about magic and reveals the secrets of his magical powers. Not remembering himself from despair and grief, the protagonist makes a decision: he should by all means become a magician for only one goal – to return Hijiri and rebuild the city destroyed by evil.

To achieve his goal, Arata Kasuga is sent to the Royal Biblia Academy, where he meets 7 magicians. His guide becomes precisely Lilith. And from that moment everything is just beginning…

The first film continued to tell about the adventures of Arata and the magicians around him. The unexpected fusion of the magical powers of the protagonist and Lilith turns the girl’s grimoire into a real man – a girl. At the same time, the mysterious forces of the library, in which dangerous rituals and experiments were once carried out, awakened. The main enemy of Arata will be the White demon lord. But this fight is not so simple. Ahead of Arata and some members of Trinity awaits the main battle, after which the world will not be the same…

Anime main characters

  • Arata Kasuga – lost his sister, who suffered at the hands of an unknown evil, has strong magical abilities, which had not been aware of for a long time; has a calm disposition; in order to save Hijiri, he intends to become a Demon Lord Candidate, for this he goes to the Royal Biblia Academy and meets the Trinity Seven.
  • Hijiri Kasuga – Arata Kasuga’s cousin, was originally a sorceress, but his brother did not know, was resurrected after his death, eventually turned into an enemy of his own brother, but despite this, she loved and respected him.
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7 magicians:

  • Lilith Asami – one of the seven magicians, her magic lies in the appearance of weapons: a short pistol or a long rifle; despite his age and appearance, which does not differ from other students of the Academy, he is a teacher of the educational institution; Lilith became Arata’s first friend and ally to achieve his goals; the girl is the latest to join the mages.
  • Arin Kannazuki – one of seven magicians, her magic is to create barriers and destruction; appearance similar to the deceased Hijiri Kasuga; a very brave and self-confident girl never shows her emotions to others; is a partner of the Demon Lord; over time, Arin becomes Arata’s best friend.
  • Levi Kazama – one of seven magicians, her magic lies in various spells; Academy student; due to its physical data it is one of the best fighters in the world; considered a lone wrestler who never waits for help from others, relying only on his own strength; Levi became one of the first allies of Arata; the girl constantly challenges Akio, but it never came to a fight.
  • Mira Yamana – one of the seven magicians, her magic is in analyzing and countering any other magic; head of grimoire safety; was initially hostile to Arata, but further circumstances changed her opinion.
  • Akio Fudo – one of seven magicians, her magic lies in incredible physical strength; as well as Mira, is the protector of the grimoire; once her city was completely destroyed by the Demon Lord and only Akio was able to survive thanks to her mother.
  • Yui Kurata – one of seven magicians, considered the most special of them, living under the Academy distantly from everyone because her magic is capable of enhancing the magical powers of those around her; it was Yui who helped Arata master the magic, explaining its structure and nuances; after the rescue of Arata and further events, the girl became especially close and tied to her friend.
  • Lieselotte Sherlock – one of the seven magicians, her magic is the ability to steal the magic of others; has a twin sister who shortly before the appearance of Arata simply disappeared in the library of the Academy; the most restless and restless of the magicians; once Arata was rescued during an attack on the Academy.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The manga was first published in the Japanese magazine Monthly Dragon Age and since then its popularity has not given up the slack. At the moment there were 20 volumes.
  2. Those viewers who read the manga of the same name will easily find plot differences with anime pictures. There is nothing strange in this, because anime scriptwriters sometimes change the storyline with prior agreement with the author.
  3. The director of the feature films was Hiroshi Nishikiori. It was he who directed the first anime series, released in 2014. He can be considered a master of magical paintings. Over Hiroshi shoulders – a huge number of works, for example, “Magic Tree House”, “A Certain Magical Index” etc.

Trinity Seven Part 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
Trinity SevenPart 3not announced

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