Trinity Seven 2

Expected by thousands of fans continued the anime show directed by Nishikori Hiroshi based on the cult manga.

Release date anime series Trinity Seven 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – March 29, 2019.

Full movie title – “Trinity Seven: Heavens Library & Crimson Lord”.


In one of the cities of Japan, a magic artifact “splitter” was activated a few days ago, which simply wiped it from the face of the earth without leaving anything.

But for a simple schoolboy named Kasuga Arata, life went on as usual. Three days after the incident, he did not notice anything strange.

In the course of his flow of ordinary school life. He lived in a classic Japanese family, as well as in his house lived best friend since childhood and part-time cousin – Kasuga Hidziri.

Trinity Seven season 2
Poster: Trinity Seven 2

In the course of time, Arata noticed one strange thing. The sun continued to shine, but it was black, like the moon, which he saw at night. Later, Arata learns the whole truth, as well as the fact that he was born with the abilities of the supreme magician (archmage).

The world that was around after the destruction, he created himself, randomly when he learned in the subconscious that his cousin had disappeared, split.

To disperse the situation, an experienced magician arrived to him, who pulled him out of the world of illusions and brought him to the Academy of Magic, where Arata decided to become a magician. Only with the help of magic will he be able to return his cousin, who did not die, but simply fell into another world.

Trinity Seven 2 release date

NumberRelease date
Part 2March 29, 2019