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27-year-old Sam Flynn is trying to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of his father Kevin. Randomly, Sam finds himself in virtual reality, which mistakenly believes that he must become the savior of the cyber universe. Now he has to live up to the expectations of the inhabitants of the computer space and find the missing parent.

When will the movie “Tron 4” be released?

After the release of part 1 of the “Tron”, the fans demanded a sequel, which they received after a while. However, subsequent films did not receive such success, so it is unlikely to see the continuation of the fantastic film “Tron”.


Sam knows that this universe was once created by his father. Having fallen into a new dimension for himself, he must in a short time understand the arrangement of the virtual world, because time dictates the guy his rules. Sam is forced to take part in battles on hand disks.

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Having defeated two rivals, he loses to the third – Rinsler. Learning that Sam is not a program, the opponent hands over his local authority, which is the cyberclone of Kevin. Now the guy is waiting for a new test – a race on light cycles.

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Almost failing the test, Sam rescues a girl named Kvarra and takes away in an unknown direction. So a young man finds an elderly father, who told him the story of the creation of this world. Kevin explains that the creatures he invented became so intelligent that they could outmaneuver their creator.

For many thousands of game years, his father had no way out of the program, but with the advent of Sam, a return to the real world becomes possible. Kevin’s abilities with age have become very limited and now only Sam can cope with the cruelty that inhabits this universe.

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In the previous parts, the main characters were able to get out of the virtual reality, and along with Sam after the new life went and Quorra.

Race on light cycles

Actors and their roles

  • Joseph Kosinski, who directed the movie, said that the names of the heroes will be known only in 2019.
  • Earlier in the movie, Garret Hedlund starred as Sam Flynn, Olivia Wilde as Quorra, Kevin, and Jeff Bridges played his clone, and John Reardon played the young Kevin.
  • There is a possibility that the actors from past movies will take part in the shooting of the 4 parts, preparations for which began in 2018.

Interesting Facts

  1. The first part of the movie “Tron” appeared in 1982. Ahead of the most modernized technologies, the picture did not receive the expected success of the viewer. The amount of hire was several times less than the amount spent. But for 5 years the picture was successfully sold on video cassettes, and then DVD.
  2. The second part was waiting for the same fate – box office fees were minimal, but over the next years all copies were sold out.
  3. The movie was shown in several formats – 3D, IMAX 3D and Real D 3D. If the other pictures create an impression of the aspirations of the viewer, then the movie “Tron”, on the contrary – directs the view of the audience deep into the screen. Such a technique was used to ensure that movie fans could fully experience the immensity of virtual reality.
  4. Despite the bad rental prices, the picture has only positive reviews. It is enjoyed by children and adults, because fascinating universes are still a favorite topic in the movie industry.
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Tron 4: release date

NameRelease date
Tron 4not announced

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