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The series “True Story” follows a popular comedian named Kid. He travels the world, earns over $ 60 million a year and is a favorite guest on any TV show. He is recognized in public places, and fans do not give their idol a pass. But one fatal mistake turns his life into hell. Very soon he learns that all sad events occur through the fault of the closest person…

“True Story ss 2”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the drama “True Story” has not been announced, but there is no talk of closing the picture either. We can only guess what is on the mind of producer Charles Murray, the creator of the most popular projects “Sons of Anarchy”, “Criminal Minds”, “Castle” and “Third Watch”. Also, we shouldn’t forget that even before the premiere of picture, it was officially announced that it would be a limited series.


Kid makes people laugh with funny jokes, travels around the country and in every possible way tries to hide traces of depression from others. Only the closest ones know that he barely overcame alcohol addiction and loses his head at the sight of alcohol. Kid rarely sees his son because of work, and the year turned out to be busy: several films at once showed crazy ratings and brought multimillion-dollar profits.

The next tour took the main character to his native Philadelphia, where his older brother Carlton is developing his own restaurant. Kid gave him money to set up a business a few years ago, but things have never gone well for Carlton since then. He increasingly takes money from his brother, believing that Kid will get it for nothing. Not wanting to argue, Kid usually just agrees, but the last time he decided to refuse.

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The motive was simple: Kid believes that people shouldn’t hold on to what they can’t, and suggests Carlton do something else. It would seem that the older brother is not offended for such a situation, and soon Kid completely forgets about this conversation. Warm family relations remain between them.

True-Story-season-2Frame from the TV show

And soon, after a night in an entertainment club, Kid wakes up in his bed from the fact that his brother wakes him up. He claims that there is a corpse nearby. Indeed — on the other side of the bed lies a girl with whom he spent time the day before. Finding a bottle of psychotropic drugs next to the bed, Kid realizes that the girl died from an overdose.

While reproaching himself for her death, Kid realizes that he has also ruined his own life — now reporters will get to him, ruin his career and he will never be as popular as before. Carlton promises to solve everything, calls an old acquaintance who arrives and takes the corpse away. The problem is indeed being solved, although it is very expensive — Kid will have to pay the debt 500 thousand dollars within a year.

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Soon, facts appear that speak for themselves: beloved brother begins to hide something and not say something. And then it becomes clear that Kid was deceived. The girl only pretended to be dead, and the arrived “assistant” played along with Carlton, who thus decided to take possession of his brother’s money. Now it was his turn to get what he deserved…

Actors and their roles

  • Kid — famous comedian, actor, popular with US audiences; often works, which prevents him from seeing his son; for some time he was sober and did not drink alcohol, but after being bullied by his brother he got drunk and woke up in a room with a girl whom he considered dead; career was almost ruined, but soon Kid found out that there is a culprit in this case — Kevin Hart.
  • Carlton — loves to joke and use people to his advantage; rigs up a drug scam to promote his own business — Wesley Snipes.
  • Daphne — on the orders of Carlton meets Kid, goes to bed with him, and later pretends to be dead, for which she received a hundred thousand dollars; was later found, after which she apologized to Kid for what she had done — Ash Santos.
  • Todd — Kid’s assistant; he is disliked by his colleagues, but he manages affairs perfectly; always knows how best to act and how to save a person drowning in an information swamp — Paul Adelstein.
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Interesting facts

  1. Kevin Hart’s filmography includes such popular works as two parts of the new film “Jumanji”, as well as “About Last Night”, “Ride Along”, “The Wedding Ringer”, “Central Intelligence”, etc. Kevin often stars alongside Dwayne Johnson, his friend. In 2020, he starred in the TV series “Die Hart”, where he played himself.
  2. The first season of the TV show was filmed in record time — 20 days, although it was originally planned to spend more than a month and a half. Since the beginning of filming coincided with the period of release from quarantine, the producers urged the crew on in fear that self-isolation might continue and they would not have time to finish the process.
  3. One of the directors of the TV series was Stephen Williams, known for his work in the projects “The Walking Dead“, “Lost”, “Westworld“, “Dark Angel”. His colleague was Hanelle Culpepper, with whom he worked on the project “How to Get Away with Murder“.

True Story Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced
2x07Series 7not announced

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