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Jason and Nikki have been together for a long time. Their love knows no boundaries, and the desire to have children grows every day. One day a couple decides that they are ripe for the establishment of their own child. But fate does not give them a chance. Even artificial insemination does not bring the desired result. And then they start looking for a new way that will help them have offspring.

“Trying ss 3”: release date, announcement

The fact that we are waiting for the continuation of the exciting comedy “Trying” became known even before the end of the show of the season 2. The premiere of new episodes is scheduled for release on July 1, 2022. And this is official information!
Despite the fact that the show of the previous two seasons started in May, the creators of the TV series did not manage to release the season 3 in the same month. Is it worth writing what was the delay in the filming process? It seems that everyone on the planet knows about the coronavirus.


After dozens of unsuccessful attempts to conceive the way other couples do, Nikki began to despair. Thinking about the biological processes that daily lead to the aging of the body, she even forced her husband to have sex in public transport, but in vain. As time went on, the relationship between the spouses escalated, but they tried in every possible way to preserve the shaky peace that rests on mutual love.

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IVF did not help either. Then they learned that Nikki would never be able to carry a child on her own. Without thinking twice, the couple decided to acquire brochures that detail the adoption. But in reality, everything turned out to be much more complicated. Nikki hoped that very soon they would take the adorable baby home, but when she came to the shelter, she realized how much she was wrong.

Couples go a long way in order to adopt a child – it takes about a year for all procedures, including the documentary part. As for the baby, most of the orphans have long ceased to be small. Some even go through puberty. Jason is frightened by this, Nikki also decides that taking home an adult child at a time when she herself is a little over thirty is very risky.

Frame from the TV show

The girl begins to suffer from depression. She increasingly looks at other children, considers herself unworthy to have her own child. But soon a case happens to her that could influence the earlier decision. Walking in the park with her husband, Nikki notices two fighting boys. Believing that their father is quietly sitting on the bench, staring indifferently at the smartphone, she decides to intervene.

Coming closer to the man, Nikki snatches the phone out of his hands, throws it into the pond and angrily yells to pay attention to his own children. The man in disbelief informs that the children are not his and threatens to call the police. Dumbfounded, she realizes that the criminal record will affect her right to take a child out of the orphanage. And asks her husband to come up with something urgently.

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Nikki and Jason decide to run away to avoid being punished. At home, the couple together agree to take even an adult child. It doesn’t matter what he will be, they are sure that he will be loved. But how many more difficulties will they have to endure on the way to the goal? Will their candidacy be approved and how will the relationship with the child develop?

Actors and their roles

  • Jason – dreamed of a child; tries to be a better parent; he often has to indulge his wife, because she is always on emotions; Jason is psychologically more stable, he can solve any issue, always helps his wife, loves to eat deliciously, and also discuss friends with his wife, especially those who have children – Rafe Spall.
  • Nikki – obsessed with the idea of ​​giving birth or adopting a child, for this she prepares a package of documents; thinks about it a lot, because she is worried that she will not love someone else’s child as she would love her own one; impulsive, afraid for her relationship with her husband, because Nikki is sure that the absence of children can affect their relationship; not restrained; unfamiliar people are wary of her words – Esther Smith.
  • Erica – Nikki’s friend; at the beginning of the season 1 she is pregnant, in the episode 1 she gave birth; she started labor at Nikki and Jason’s house, after which everyone went to the hospital; constantly unhappy with her husband, because he is irresponsible to her health – Ophelia Lovibond.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Producer Jim O’Hanlon has always worked on criminal projects. One of his brightest works is the popular TV show “The Punisher“, which excited the whole world. But this time he also appeared as the director of the TV show “Trying”. According to Jim O’Hanlon, working on criminal projects takes too much energy and he wanted lightness with a comedic flavor.
  2. Actor Rafe Spall credits the role of detective sergeant in the 2020 British miniseries “The Salisbury Poisonings” as one of his successful works. Rafe, like many people, was interested in the real story of the attack on ordinary citizens. The actor was not interested in the political background, it was much more important to understand how the victims coped with such a blow of fate. Which he tried to convey to the viewer through the screen.

Trying Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1July 1, 2022
3x02Series 2July 8, 2022
3x03Series 3July 15, 2022
3x04Series 4July 22, 2022
3x05Series 5July 29, 2022
3x06Series 6August 5, 2022
3x07Series 7August 12, 2022
3x08Series 8August 19, 2022

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