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The relationship between Nikki and Jason began so long ago that they have been thinking about children for years. Unfortunately, any attempt ends in failure for them. The couple tried every known way that could help them have children. And when it began to seem that there were no options to become parents, an obvious solution was found…

“Trying ss 4”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the comedy drama “Trying” has not been officially announced, but there is definitely no talk of closing the project. Therefore, with a high degree of probability, we should expect new episodes closer to the middle of 2023.
The filming process with the participation of children often takes a little longer. However, film critics are confident that the creation of the next season will take a standard one year of work.


To get pregnant, as most ordinary women manage, Nikki did not succeed. The girl was so upset that she even thought about ending the relationship with her partner — well, who needs a woman who is not able to give birth to a child? But everything turned out to be much more complicated, because Jason is not ready to leave either his beloved or his attempts to have a child.

In season 1, the main characters had to spend a lot of time thinking about the possibility of taking a child from an orphanage. So many times luck turned away from them that the couple decided at all costs to show the guardianship service what good parents they can be.

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Season 2 was their high point, where there was a real opportunity to live as a threesome. But random circumstances made them the parents of two children at once. Experiencing all the hardships with them, Jason and Nikki became stronger, more resilient, more serious. Then new problems began: school, organization of leisure and general pastime. And when there are always friends like Freddy and Erica nearby, then there is no need to talk about boredom at all.

Frame from the TV show

Relationships with children also require close attention. An accidentally thrown word becomes public. While at school, children can do stupid things at all, scattering such words. But everything is solved when you have a family! Parents stop being angry, kids get smarter, and life moves on…

What will viewers see in Season 4? Of course, our favorite heroes, who are waiting for the next test, because problems of a completely different scale are on the way. To resolve the impending storm, they will have to make a lot of efforts — otherwise the future of the whole family will suffer…

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Actors and their roles

  • Jason — did not immediately think about children, since such a life suited him; began to think about children more often, seeing the depressing emotional state of his wife; understands well that a joint future is based on children, and therefore agrees to have a child; upset less than Nikki, but always supports her in difficult times; calm, reasonable and even cowardly — Rafe Spall.
  • Nikki — talks a lot, sometimes introducing strangers into a stupor; dozens of times she tried to get pregnant, but after the news about the impossibility of giving birth to her child, she resigned herself to the idea of ​​raising someone else; impulsive, which pushes her to rash acts; makes friends easily, and after meeting them, Nikki discusses them with her husband — Esther Smith.
  • Erica — Nikki’s eternally disgruntled friend; insults her husband, who does not properly monitor her condition; gave birth at the beginning of a TV show; brings up two children; later, the husband left her for another woman, with whom he was calmer; considers herself entitled to spoil the lives of loved ones and at the same time love them — Ophelia Lovibond.
  • Freddy — a friend of Jason; spontaneity person; loves extravagant objects; leaving his wife, he worries that he will not be given scissors for cutting lobster; realizes that he loves Erica when they find themselves in a difficult situation together; spouses often quarrel, but always find a reason for reconciliation — Oliver Chris.
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Interesting Facts

  1. For Jim O’Hanlon, TV show producer and director, working in a dramedy is his debut, as he previously chose crime-oriented TV series for himself. The most famous of them is still considered the two-season thriller “The Punisher“, the cruelty of which appealed to fans of this genre.
  2. Ophelia Lovibond has often turned down offers to star in TV shows, preferring to star in films. The most popular of them: “Nowhere Boy”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Oliver Twist”, “Rocketman”, “Thor 2: The Dark World” and others.
  3. One of the brightest stars of the TV show was the English actress and singer Imelda Staunton, known for her role as Dolores Umbridge in the films “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1”. For this role, Staunton was nominated in the “British Actress in a Supporting Role” category of the London Film Critics Circle Award.

Trying Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1summer 2023
4x02Series 2summer 2023
4x03Series 3summer 2023
4x04Series 4summer 2023
4x05Series 5summer 2023
4x06Series 6summer 2023
4x07Series 7summer 2023
4x08Series 8summer 2023

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