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Try to find a person older than 40 who does not know the sacramental question “Who killed Laura Palmer?” He comes up in memory at the same time as the sounds of Angelo Badalamenti’s Falling song, penetrating the soul together with the screeching saw and the owl of owls. that the similar mystical serial-thriller “Twin Peaks” in America was watched by 8.5 million people.

This was an inexplicable success of the non-commercial television series.  The talented collaboration of director David Lynch and screenwriter Mark Frost has created a magnificent puzzle-horror: tart-attractive, chaotic-tangled and eerie, as the Evil of the Black Wigwam in the plot of the series.

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Despite the fact that long ago, at the end of season 2, the audience was finally announced the murderer of high school student Laura (Cheryl Lee), who was a loving father, the fans left a lot of questions. And they all addressed the source of the obsession of Pope Palmer, as well as the greed, jealousy, envy, insanity and strangeness of the inhabitants of the town of Twin Peaks. And the source was either a black magician, or a demon Bob (Frank Silva), who once lived next door to a small Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) and settled in it. Bob hoped to capture and the soul of Laura, but he did not succeed.

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Black Wigwam stepped up in the last season

In September 2017 – 27 years later the world saw the continuation of this evergreen story of Laura Palmer. Twin Peaks 3 season was even more unorganized. The action in it was concentrated in the present era after 25 years from the events of 1 and 2 seasons, it went beyond the fictional county town in Washington, Las Vegas and South Dakota and focused around the person of Dale Cooper. Beautifully aged actor Kayla McLachlan had to play three roles in season 3:

Dale Cooper, an FBI cop who investigated a strange murder at Twin Peaks in the first 2 seasons.
He spent 25 years in the Black Wigwam, talking with the dead Laura and her father. Supervises Dale’s stay in the Black Portal Michael Phillip and his speaking cut hand. Michael directs Cooper into the real world, claiming that he must “wake up” and live, and his Duppelganger – return to the Black Wigwam and disappear.
Duppelganger, Cooper’s shadow counterpart. He is a demonic creation of the Black Wigwam, which burst out into the image of Agent Cooper. He creates crimes, bribery, blackmail and murder. Somewhere inside of him lives the same Bob.
Dougie Jones, employee of the “Happy 7” insurance company, in whose body Dale Cooper lives in the real world, until Duppelganger is disembodied in the Black Wigwam.
In the third season, even more wicked evils, mystics, strange murders, artifacts, materializing people and demons and time-bound events and documents (pages of Laura’s diaries in the most unexpected places). And also a sea of ​​twins, or alter-ego, now and then turning into each other.

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Almost imperceptible is the hint in this fantastic whirlwind that the demon Bob (who settled in Duppelganger Cooper) was spawned by the first nuclear explosion on Earth.

In the last three series of the season, good triumphs over evil, and this Cooper, with the help of friends from the FBI, the paranormal squad of Blue Rose and the mystical Loggers, plunges Duppelganger and Bob living in it. At the conclusion of his 25-year-old hell circle, Agent Cooper prevents the murder of Laura Palmer in parallel reality. And in real life finds Kerry Page – a girl very similar to Laura Palmer. The last minutes of the 48 series of the film end with Cooper’s question: “What year is it now?” and the auditory hallucination of Kerry Page, in which mother Sarah calls Laura Palmer by name. All this happens on the threshold of the former home of the Palmer family, in which other people now live.

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Will there be a season 4?

Obviously, the FBI struggle to restore justice seems to be completed, but the point in the 3rd season of Twin Peaks still not delivered. The cunning Frost and Lynch again caused a fog, placed commas and dots, leaving the viewer with questions and riddles of the cause-and-effect relations of the series. The admirers asked David Lynch a direct question about the 4th season of the series. The maestro replied that the audience will have to suffer, because he spent 4 years writing the script and shooting the third season. In addition, many elderly performers of leading roles passed away in the period from 2014 to 2017. Now Lynchu is 71 years old, and he has a chance to energize his creative and physical powers with a tremendous energy of waiting for the spectators to continue the mysterious thriller. An unprecedented rise in ratings with the help of “Twin Peaks” at the channel ShowTime, which ordered 3 season, indicate that the master Lynch will have commercial support.

Twin Peaks season 4 release date

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