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Nathan Drake cannot live without adventure. This is not surprising, because the thirst for travel and increased adrenaline went to him as a legacy from his great-great-grandfather. Francis Drake had a bright, interesting life and left to his descendants the coordinates of his whereabouts. Nathan, convinced that a relative faked his death, wants to find the coffin and find out what is hidden in the diary.

“Uncharted”: release date, announcement

The adventure film was originally expected in the cinema on December 18, 2020. But the difficult situation associated with the outbreak of the pandemic has made its own adjustments. The release date for the movie “Uncharted” is now set for February 16, 2022. We follow the news.


Many years ago pirates were famous all over the world. Even those who had nothing to do with the sea were afraid of the misfortune of these thoughtless people, in whose interests it was to rob a nearby ship and then waste money. Especially in this matter, Francis Drake became famous, whose fame extended to the ends of the earth.

The ship “Golden Hind” was loyal to the captain and impressed with its maneuverability and speed. Eyewitnesses said that the “Golden Hind” was completely strewn with jewelry and other stolen souvenirs. Francis often enriched the treasury of the Queen of England, for which he was awarded the title of knight. Drake had many enemies – this led to his early death. On another voyage at sea, Drake was killed by enemies.

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Hundreds of years later, one of Francis’s descendants decides to find out the truth about his death. Nathan finds the coordinates of the deceased relative’s coffin and goes in search. According to his guesses, Francis only faked his death – and so it was. In the coffin, the guy found a diary where the location of the most coveted treasury of any earner was written – Eldorado.

Nate’s mentor

Nathan decides to go on a journey, while taking loyal companions along the way. One of them is Victor Sullivan, whom Nate often calls Sully. Even before landing at the destination, Drake’s plane is in distress and getting to the lost island has to be done on his own.

On the way, Nate becomes a prisoner of mercenaries who are ready to kill for the sake of treasure. Risking his head, he tries to get out of captivity, while he needs to save his companion girl, who will later help find the answer to an ancient riddle. But the further journey becomes even more dangerous for Nate’s team.

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Will Drake be able to solve the mystery he inherited from his great-great-grandfather? How will his relationship with the team develop if they find the treasure? Who will become the main enemy of the young man? And will he be able to get out alive from this scrape?

Actors and their roles

  • Nathan Drake – an adventurer willing to risk everything for his purpose; decides to find Eldorado, but gets into a series of troubles, from which it is almost impossible to find a way out; physically developed, has a large baggage of knowledge about survival, travels with his company, which he completely trusts the secret about Eldorado – Tom Holland.
  • Victor Sullivan – Nate’s companion, his main assistant; everyone calls him Sully; older than others in age, intelligent and able to help in difficult situations – Mark Wahlberg.

Interesting Facts

  1. There is a game called “Uncharted”, which tells the story of Nathan Drake, a brave and fearless artifact collector and adventurer, a descendant of the famous pirate Francis. He travels the world, is fond of searching for antiquities and constantly gets involved in various adventures, risking his life.
  2. The film was directed by Ruben Fleischer, an “Uncharted” fan. He had been waiting for a long time that someone would want to film the most popular video game. But when he realized that no one was interested in this, he decided to take up the project himself and went to negotiations with Tom Holland, whom he dreamed of shooting in such kind of picture. Tom agreed immediately. Now the actor combines work in two striking projects: “Uncharted” and “Spider-Man”.
  3. In the wake of the actor’s popularity, all the producers decided to win Holland’s recognition and free time. The guy is snapped up, he is constantly offered to star in the next film and he often refuses. Tom only takes projects that he believes in. Holland has good physical fitness, from an early age he has been involved in several sports, and on the set he performs all the tricks better than any stuntman.
  4. The producers considered Mark Wahlberg’s candidacy for a long time, but in the end they did not even arrange a casting for him. The project director called Mark, inviting him to discuss the script. Wahlberg offered to call and meet in a month, but the director was persistent. Mark read the script once and called Ruben Fleischer, announcing his agreement to star in an adventure film.
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Uncharted (Movie): release date

Movie titleRelease date
UnchartedFebruary 16, 2022

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