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Michael gave his beloved for many years, but at the age of 40 he was left alone. Now he is trying to get used to a new life, which he abandoned a long time ago. An exciting journey into the world of young, single and daring men awaits Michael in every episode! But how long will the former homebody manage to stay alone? ..

“Uncoupled ss 2”: release date, announcement

Lead actor Neil Patrick Harris says he enjoyed the opportunity to show gay life from the inside out, but how did audiences outside of his home country react to it? Wonderful! This is evidenced by the high ratings of the season 1.

The sequel to the comedy romantic TV show “Uncoupled” has now been officially announced! In February 2023, the creators of the TV series announced that they had begun work on the 2nd season. Filming was scheduled for July 2023, but production had to be put on hold due to a Writers Guild strike. Most likely, before the summer of 2024, the premiere of new episodes will not take place. We continue to follow the news.


Over the course of 17 years, Michael and Colin’s relationship has evolved. They both grew in career terms, dreamed of a joint old age. On Colin’s 50th birthday, Michael decided to throw a surprise party with some of his closest friends. But in the morning things didn’t go according to plan.

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A major real estate deal didn’t go through at work. And later, a housekeeper called, who fervently claimed that the apartment had been robbed, moreover, they had taken away things that were of little value to Michael: expensive wine that should not be drunk and collection towels that cannot be used. Such gifts were dear to Colin, which greatly surprised his lover.

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The evening meeting of the couple turned out to be fateful. Right in front of the restaurant where Colin’s plan was for him to talk about the breakup, their friends were waiting for him. Without showing any sign, they waited out the holiday, but the conversation never took place. It turned out that the wine and towels were taken away by Colin, as he decided to move from a partner.

Frame from the TV show

Unfortunately, Michael never managed to persuade his beloved to stay. The family psychologist became the only hope for a speedy reconciliation. But Colin canceled the next meeting, because he was determined never to return to the selfish Michael, who thinks only about his own feelings and ambitions. Suzanne, Michael’s close friend and part-time colleague, soon brought the bad news.

Walking along the old route, she noticed a familiar reflection in the window. What was her surprise when in the next window, passing into the room to Colin, their real estate competitor was walking! Deciding that the young people now live together, surprised Suzanne immediately rushed to Michael with the news. So he realized that it was time to look for another person…

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The TV show tells the adventures of Michael, who lived with the wrong person for many years. His current life is completely different. Now he does not have to be upset because of a failed union, because each new turn carries something interesting in itself…

Actors and their roles

  • Michael — an abandoned man who never wanted to be alone in his life; worries hard about relationships, which greatly affects the work; at first he could not concentrate and find a way out of depression, but when he realized how many opportunities opened up in front of him, he became more optimistic about the future — Neil Patrick Harris.
  • Colin — after 17 years of marriage, he decided to part with Michael; celebrated his 50th birthday and left his partner on the same day; considers himself a fine nature and keeps collectibles, for which he gave a lot of money; considers Michael an egoist, incapable of thinking about anyone other than himself; ends a trip to a psychotherapist after one unsuccessful session — Tuc Watkins.
  • Billy — Michael’s best friend, went to school with him; constantly goes to gay parties and is looking for a boyfriend; does not need a long-term relationship and easily makes new acquaintances; likes to joke on forbidden topics, while easily admitting his mistakes, if he suddenly allows himself to say too much — Emerson Brooks.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Season 1 is owned by Netflix. And this means that another high-quality and, most likely, long-term project was being prepared for the viewer. Currently, Netflix is ​​considered to be the most popular streaming service in the world.
  2. Did you know that Neil Patrick Harris never hid his orientation? For more than 10 years, he has been happily married to actor David Burtka, with whom they are raising already grown twins by a surrogate mother.
  3. Director Andrew Fleming prefers to create romantic comedies and he has a lot of such works on his list: “Emily in Paris“, “Friends with Benefits”, “Red Oaks”, etc. The TV series “Guys Night” is being prepared for the release in 2023, where Fleming will act as director and screenwriter.
  4. Tuc Watkins came out in 2013 and is recently married to actor and singer Andrew Rannells. Like his colleague Neil Patrick Harris, Tuc has twin children born to a surrogate mother. Recall that Watkins became famous after the release of the TV show “Desperate Housewives”, where he played the role of Bob Hunter.

Uncoupled Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12024
2x02Series 22024
2x03Series 32024
2x04Series 42024
2x05Series 52024
2x06Series 62024
2x07Series 72024
2x08Series 82024

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