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The series tells about the backstage life of the popular show, the essence of which lies in the choice of the bride for a potential groom. Just a few girls are fighting for the attention of handsome men, but only the quickest of them will reach the finals.

When will the series “UnREAL Season 4” come out?

Continuation of the multi-part drama “UnREAL” will be released on July 16, 2018. The output of each next season has no specific gaps, so stay tuned on our website.


The nightmare that is happening on the court, brings the audience a genuine interest. The audience has been ruthless at all times, and at the moment this definition is more suitable for TV show participants. The people are so fond of others’ suffering that they are ready to revise a series of favorite talk shows every day. And it turned out this time.

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The series “UnREAL” shows all the inside story of the most popular American show, which is called “Everlasting”. Here are beautiful girls, ready to conquer the hearts of young men. Each of the heroes pursues his own personal goals, but no one wants to admit it. As a result, producers begin to create intrigue.

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African-Americans are openly offered to behave “in a black” manner, and some girls try to get rid of their rivals with the help of sex offered to the participants – so they try to attract even more public to the TV screens. Between the participants serious passions flare up, which begin to interfere with a quiet life that takes place outside the filming.

A staff member of the film crew, Rachel Goldberg, is forced to attend the playground and literally dance to the tune of producer Queen King, and at this time the real tragedy unfolds in Goldberg’s home. The other heroes are no less enviable fate, because the leadership demands a real heat of emotions between rivals.

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Hence no one will come out victorious and only the viewer is sure of the opposite. Intimate records, scandals, fights, entertainment parties, ending with turbulent sex – this is not the worst thing that awaits us in the fourth season.

Rachel and King

Actors and their roles

  • Rachel Goldberg – was forced to work on the show “Everlasting” and command the girls, orders Sheri received from the producer of the teleproject interested in raising the ratings – Sheri Appleby.
  • Queen King – the producer of the TV show, which achieves the set goals in any way, does not disdain intimidation, blackmail – Constance Zimmer.
  • Aleksei Petrov is one of the regular participants in the TV show, who chooses his passion, adores noisy companies, spends time in the women’s team, has come across drug use on several occasions – Alexei Vorobyov.
  • Chad Wilton – the author of the project, quick-tempered, does not know how to restrain his emotions, the real shark of business, is ready to go to any fraud for the sake of profit – Craig Berko.
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Interesting Facts

  1. A special guest of the picture was Alexei Vorobyov. A young singer came from Russia to participate in the series, but after the first season remained on a permanent basis. He turned out to be a charismatic guy, which had a beneficial effect on his career.
  2. The show is broadcasted on LifeTime.
  3. As a basis for the pilot episode, the film Shapiro, who was working on the set of the actual show “Bach”, was taken.

UnREAL Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1July 16, 2018
4x02Series 2July 16, 2018
4x03Series 3July 16, 2018
4x04Series 4July 16, 2018
4x05Series 5July 16, 2018
4x06Series 6July 16, 2018
4x07Series 7July 16, 2018
4x08Series 8July 16, 2018

Crappy Scene From Constance Zimmer’s ‘UnREAL’

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