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“Uru in Blue 2” – the long-awaited full-length sequel to the sensational sci-fi anime film 1987 “The Royal Troopers” about a realistic alternative world in the pre-space era and the era of wars in adventure genres, science fiction, military drama. The output of the first part of the Uru in Blue was planned back in 1992, but because of financial problems and lack of sponsors was postponed. The sequel was announced in 2018, after 26 years of fans’ expectations.

When Aoki Uru 2 / Uru in Blue 2 / Royal Troopers 2 will be released

Officially reported only about the beginning of production of full-length anime “Uru in Blue” from Gainax.
Given that there is a constant change of directors and producers of the picture, the production of the film is also delayed again and again. Gaina, the company that eventually took over the production of the anime, is assuring fans that “Aoki Uru 2” will be released in 2023. The month and date of release is still unknown.


The plot unfolds in the monarchical empire of Honneamise, highly developed, high-tech, standing on the threshold of a new space age. Over time, the empire began to break civil and foreign policy conflicts, because of which the standard of living began to fall.

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But the peculiarity of the Honneamise empire is that it has its own program for the development of outer space, which does not prevent the malicious critics from criticizing the country. Many believe that the space and its development will not give anything to either people or the empire, and offer to do more mundane affairs.

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But soon the first astronaut, Sirotsugu Ladatt, goes to space flight. Courageous and resolute Ladat does not even understand that his flight is a pre-planned campaign that hides the true intentions of the highest ranks of the Honnemeis in military provocation and the denouement of large-scale military operations …

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Interesting Facts

  1. All parts of the franchise are produced by the animation studio Gainax, under the direction of which such masterpieces as Gurrenn-Laganne, Evangelion, FLCL, For Him From Her Side, Box of Medaka were shot. The studio attracts fans of anime with a clear drawing of details, a love for confusing, difficult for understanding plots and sci-fi topics. This approach was called experimental: the studio violated the traditions of anime genres from the very beginning. It was thanks to the unprecedented success of the “Royal Assault” around the world that the studio was able to expand and show itself, and now it is considered a sign of animation quality.
  2. According to official surveys of the Agency for Japanese Culture, the Royal Troopers (prequel Uru in Blue 2) took 36th place in the list of the best anime of all time.
  3. According to the plan of the studio, the events Uru in Blue 2 planned to deploy fifty years after the prequel line: so writers and animators wanted to avoid the return of past gerov. But there was not enough money to implement this idea, and there were not any sponsors. It is for this reason that the Uru in Blue project was frozen for 26 years.
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Uru in Blue 2: release date

Movie titleRelease date
Uru in Blue 22023

FOOD WARS SEASON 3!! Berserk Season 3?! Gainax’s Uru in Blue & More

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