Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Season 2


Opposites attract. But in the case of Sakurai, who prefers to be alone with himself and his thoughts, this does not work. A hurricane named Uzaki Hana burst into his life. Now the lonely guy gradually turns into a different person. But his newly-made friend is either sympathetic to him or incredibly annoying with her behavior, loud voice, vivid emotions. What is the guy to do now?..

The genre is a romantic comedy.
The number of episodes is 12.
Season 1 premiered on July 10, 2020.
The original name of the anime is Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

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“Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! ss 2”: release date, announcement

Summer 2020 turned out to be full of various anime novelties. The long-awaited premieres have captured the attention of the audience. And an adaptation of “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!” was no exception. The audience was delighted with the series: an easy plot, understandable humor, funny ridiculous situations that the protagonist finds himself in because of the actions of his new friend… At the same time, young Uzaki first makes us hate her because of her behavior “on the verge of a foul”, then fall in love with her.

Now for many anime fans, the Sakurai-Uzaki couple has become a kind of “drug”. Viewers are looking forward to new episodes. Fortunately, the creators of the series did not torment the audience for a long time and officially announced that Season 2 will be released on October 1, 2022!


Hana Uzaki spotted a handsome tall guy named Shinichi Sakurai back in high school when they both went to the school pool. Uzaki, the owner of a lush chest and short stature, never had a complex about this. She was always in a good mood, perky and cheerful. Perhaps it was this set of physical and emotional characteristics that allowed the guy to remember Uzaki.

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During her first year of college, Uzaki watched the life of a 2nd year student. Surprisingly, Sakurai did not communicate with his peers, dined alone, and during the break he played a portable console or just slept. And it’s all? No fun, communication and laughter? Who is he, this loner with a frown?

An awkward moment the main characters got into

One day, a noisy and cheerful Uzaki decided to take patronage over Sakurai. She felt that she was obliged to accompany the guy everywhere, communicate with him, go to the cinema and cafes. But the girl completely forgot to ask herself the question: is it necessary for Sakurai himself?.. Nevertheless, the main characters gradually begin to draw closer, communicate a lot with each other. Who are they now – friends or a couple in love?..

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Main characters

  • Uzaki Hana – at the beginning of history, an 18-year-old college student, in her 1st year; has large breasts, but short stature, so many give her a younger age than she really is; by nature, cheerful, sociable; most often her insane actions are condemned by the people around her, including her close friends; she is a lover of a lot and tasty food; decided to take Sakurai out of the world of loneliness into the crazy world of communication and fun.
  • Sakurai Shin’ichi – early in history, 19-year-old college student, in his 2nd year; student of the same college as the main character; before meeting Uzaki, he led a calm and measured lifestyle, preferring solitude; works part-time in a cafe; the most valuable thing for Sakurai is peace and quiet, when he can stay with his thoughts.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The anime was directed by Miura Kazuya. He has worked on projects such as “Kemono Michi: Rise Up“, “Shokugeki no Souma“, “Juni Taisen: Zodiac War”, “DRAMAtical Murder” and others.
  2. The anime is based on the manga of the same name, first published in the Niconico Seiga web magazine by Japanese publisher Fujimi Shobo in September 2017. As of July 2020, 5 volumes of the manga have been published.
  3. The inscription on the main character’s sweater “sugoi dekai” is translated from Japanese as “super big”.

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1October 1, 2022
2x02Series 2October 8, 2022
2x03Series 3October 15, 2022
2x04Series 4October 22, 2022
2x05Series 5October 29, 2022
2x06Series 6November 5, 2022
2x07Series 7November 12, 2022
2x08Series 8November 19, 2022
2x09Series 9November 26, 2022
2x10Series 10December 3, 2022

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