French computer game Vampyr in the style of Action and RPG, which takes place in London in the early twentieth century. Publisher Focus Home Interactive plans to release the game on platforms such as Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

When will the game Vampyr?

The release date of the game was announced on June 5, 2018.

The plot of the game

The main character is the London doctor Jonathan Reed. The actions take place in 1918. For some reason, the character turns into a vampire and must put up with this condition, since he took the oath of Hippocrates, but in order to maintain his second nature – a bloodthirsty nature – he needs blood.

The player himself will choose which way to lead a vampire, as for the successful passage of the game does not necessarily kill. But the murders quickly restore the strength of Jonathan Reed and greatly simplify the player’s gameplay. Murders help to acquire new knowledge and skills for a bloodthirsty entity.

vampyr-gameplay-demoThe subject line of the vampire doctor begins after the First World War, at the same time the pandemic of the “Spanish” flu takes place. These topics in the game will be touched only casually. In the game, you can not create your character and give him a name. From the very beginning of the game, Jonathan Reed has no idea why he became a vampire, does not know anything about this peculiarity of his organism. And therefore, as a doctor, he begins to study this phenomenon painstakingly.

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Dr. Swansea, the head of the hospital in which Jonathan Reed works, knows about the disease, but does not hand over his subordinate to vampire hunters. The whole story is based on the solution of the origin of vampires.

According to the idea of ​​the developers, the main character can visit various areas of London, depending on the passage of the storyline. Therefore, the world of the game Vampyr is called “half-open”. Jonathan Reed can do homicides to recuperate. Initially, hunting will be announced for him and high cost for merchants, then for mass destruction, other creatures will attack the area, which will make the location closed from the character. But according to the developers, the game can be done even with all the closed areas.


According to the information disclosed by developers for modern gaming magazines, in the game of creatures there will be only vampires and no other monsters. That is, the living dead, werewolfs will not be here. Nevertheless, the developers used British legends about vampires, so the game will please us with different kinds of vampires:

  1. The first kind is Econ, the real vampire aristocrats, with their inherent manners, tasks and key characters. They have their own gentleman’s club, where women are not allowed to enter.
  2. The second type is the Rocks (from English – slaves). This species is on the lowest stratum of society. They live in the sewers, they are the distributors to the city of the “Spanish” flu.
  3. Vulcods are vampires that can change their appearance by becoming like creatures with long fangs.
  4. Nemorides are vampires despising others, actively destroying them and carefully hiding.
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According to the developers, the main population of London does not know about the existence of vampires. But there are dedicated people who want death to bloodthirsty monsters. They will pursue the whole game Jonathan Reed, and your character will need to hide. “Prison Guardians” will be the main threat to your character only at the beginning of the story, then the vampire will have other problems – in the form of his fellows.

vampyr-the-hunters-heirloomsThe game will have their bosses and mini-bosses, which will be tied to the task. The game will be conducted with a third-person view. In the game, each resident will have his or her name, history, family and even the regime of the day. Therefore, killing one of them can lead to great consequences. Nevertheless, the game can be conducted dialogues with residents, espionage and even control with the help of vampire abilities. In combat, various types of weapons can be used, from cold to rifle.

Interesting facts about the game

  1. At the beginning of the project, a team of 60 people worked on the game, later about 120 people were involved.
  2. The decision to make the protagonist a man, unlike the previous games of the company, and give him the profession of a doctor was conceived for a reason. After all, the legendary vampire Dracula was taken as the prototype, who also had a choice – to kill and have immortality or to remain faithful to the oath of Hippocrates, infringing the essence of the bloodthirsty killer.
  3. The main developer talked about the desire to choose the place and time of action for America in the 50s of the 20th century. But it was the atmosphere of the Great Britain of 1918 that suited this role, the best.
  4. In order to display the whole atmosphere of the world of the 20th century, developers visited the British cities to personally capture the houses, streets and streets of that time. Judging by the demo version of the game, the atmosphere was recreated to the full.
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Most gamers expect the game with impatience, after all, according to the trailer and the demo version, there were noticeable huge efforts of developers and a well-traced world. Peculiar graphics in the Gothic style and stealth-passage are reminiscent of the legendary series of Assassin’s Creed.
Actually, something similar we have got.

Vampyr the game release date

NumberGenreRelease date
VampyrAction/RPGJune 5, 2018


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