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Piet Van der Valk’s work is not easy. On the one hand, he fights crime, as well as sorting through papers in a stuffy office… But all in order to save other people’s lives. As an exemplary detective, Piet tries to get work done on time and not be led by others. But the Van der Valk approach to business frightens off many…

“Van der Valk ss 2”: release date, announcement

The news about the next season of the TV show “Van der Valk” has appeared quite recently. Initially, the creators of the picture hoped for higher rates, but when the first episode appeared, it became clear that not every viewer was carried away by the story.

On imdb, the show received a score of 6.4 points. But deciding to take a chance, the producers headed for the 2nd season, which they promise to release on August 7, 2022, because due to the coronavirus pandemic, filming had to be suspended. Only time will tell us how correct the assumptions are.


Van der Valk has a long history of detective work, and it is very annoying when the management begins to impose candidates on him. Unfortunately for Piet, one day a case appears that can require an assistant himself. Someone kills gay men. It seems that politicians are involved in the case, but it is almost impossible to prove their involvement.

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While Piet deals with the physical evidence, he meets Eva. The girl worked in a bar where gay men often drop in. It is not easy for Van der Valk to admit that he is interested in the girl, but Eva herself clearly sees the hungry looks of the policeman. Sympathy arises between them.

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In addition to love affairs and homophobic crimes, Van der Valk has other interesting things to do. On his way comes across a woman who is fond of medieval eroticism and is associated with the monastery. Not a bad combination, isn’t it? So Piet can not grasp the connection and until the last is looking for the killer.

Frame from the TV show

Lucienne is constantly next to Piet, who helps him to carry out various assignments of the management. Sometimes Van der Valk forces her to bring bad news to the relatives of the victims. He is sure that Lucienne does it best. The girl herself is very insightful and able to take the place of the leading detective. But Lucienne doesn’t have such aspirations…

The action of the TV series is set in Amsterdam, where they have long become accustomed to homophobia, racism and various manifestations of human nature. They are not surprised at anything here – neither drug addicts in the middle of the street, nor murderers walking around in a wolf mask… Piet himself has seen enough of this kind of life and wants to put as many criminals as possible behind bars as soon as possible…

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Actors and their roles

  • Piet Van der Valk is a detective with an excellent track record; was unhappy when Job was hired as an assistant for Piet, but in the end the guy was able to show his professional suitability; Van der Valk is homophobic, but does not show it to others; by nature secretive, sometimes hot-tempered, does not tolerate stupid people and keeps away from them – Marc Warren.
  • Lucienne – always accompanies Van der Valk on investigations; carries out important assignments; smart, educated, loves to get into other people’s affairs and at the same time observe their reaction; most often practices these skills on Piet – Maimie McCoy.
  • Job – the protagonist’s assistant, came to Piet’s service, considering him the best detective ever known; Job tries to broaden his horizons, but often brings Van der Valk to nervous reactions – Elliot Barnes-Worrell.
  • Eva – a gay cafe waitress; met Piet and immediately guessed that he was a policeman; shows interest in him; trying to cooperate with the investigation – Stephanie Leonidas.

Interesting Facts

  1. Each season of the show consists of only 3 episodes over 100 minutes long. Thus, once a week there is a new episode in which the eminent police officer is investigating a new case.
  2. The TV series is based on the Nicolas Freeling novel series. When he was writing the book “Love in Amsterdam”, the adaptation of which is the 1st episode of the 1st season, Nicolas was imprisoned for petty theft. This happened in 1962, and after the success of the book, he moved to Amsterdam, where he spent several years.
  3. The age difference between Marc Warren and Stephanie Leonidas is 17 years. When the actors found out that they would be playing an obstinate couple, they were embarrassed. Later, Marc admitted that he thought it all strange, because Leonidas suits him as a daughter. But the actor’s work is unpredictable and full of interesting surprises.
  4. Maimie McCoy was planning to get the role of Eva. But when she was offered to play Lucienne and at the same time the fee was doubled, the actress did not think for a long time. And why shouldn’t she play a character who spends much more time on the screen?
  5. The TV show “Van der Valk” has already been filmed – it was over 50 years ago. Then the picture consisted of 32 episodes. The main actor was Barry Foster, who played Piet for 20 years – from 1972 to 1992. Then the crew had to travel all over the UK to make the TV series more spectacular.
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Van der Valk Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1August 7, 2022
2x02Series 2August 14, 2022
2x03Series 3August 21, 2022

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